Port forwarding safe?


Hello everyone, I have a question. Is port forwarding safe? I want to play with friends at different houses, and don’t want to pay for a service.

I have heard mixed results, some say it’s safe, some say it’s not.

  • It would not be up 24/7, only when my friends and I want to play. (I have a laptop so it wouldn’t be able to do that anyway [because I have to take it to school]).

  • If it helps, I will make it password-protected.

  • I am on Windows 10

    • Port forwarding is safe
    • It depends (please specify in comments)
    • Port forwarding is NOT safe

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Sure, if it’s password protected, but if any of your friends have malicious intentions, being port-forwarded leaves big gaps in your network security is what I’ve heard. If you trust them enough, do it.


It’ll just be irl friends. By password protected you mean the server right?

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If you have your PC paasword protected, then it’ll be good


Thanks, I’ll try PFing tomorrow.


its not that dangerous
its safe, just make sure you do it right


For some reason it isn’t working… I’ve followed serveral tutorials exactly, and it won’t recognize my IP. I even tried Unturned Server Organiser, but it couldn’t install for some reason.


You may have “indirect” IP, having your “global” IP different from “modem” ip (not local). Check your IP in the router and on some sites, they must be the same.
Ip like 192.168… are local IPs, search for something more random
If global and modem IPs are different, the only way is to connect with your internet provider. Or hack into a modem somehow