Possibility to find items inside of backpacks and placing them down with loot

I think there should be an possibility to find an backpack with items already inside of it that would give the game a bit more realism and it would make sense. Also it would be nice if players could drop the backpacks wihtout dropping their items what are inside it insdead they would stay there


Considering how nested storage is already implemented, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson was already planning for this.

I still agree though


This would be a nice addition to the games looting.

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It would also be nice if you could do this with crates and stuff like that.

That would be completely overpowered, especially assuming you can put crates in crates and make crate-ception.

Although that’s also assuming the building will be that gross minecraft “make a cabin in your pockets then take it out and put it down” system.

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no, it wouldnt. its likely you wouldnt be able to put the backpack. You really have never seen minecrafts shulker box, have you? you cant stick one filled with items inside another one.

I get what you mean, so I shall adjust my point a bit. You should be able to place and pick up crates that have stuff in them, but can not put a crate inside another crate, and if the crate has stuff in it you have to carry it in your hands and can’t put it in your pack of clothing storage.

Shulker box? Is that what they call the Ender Chest now? Also that’s not what i meant, i meant right now building is just craft a wall, put it in your pocket, place it in the world anytime. It’s an extremely dumb system and needs to be replaced with something like The Forest’s system.

Anyway, any possibility of moving a full crate opens the door for a lot of cheaty exploits. It’s just not a good idea.

I can’t help but add a few thoughts on picking up crates.

I’d like if you could pick up crates, empty or not, with your hands and then place them back down. This could allow for transport vehicles to be really helpful (offloading a bunch of crates from a train via multiple people or perhaps by using a forklift).


Shulker boxes are basically backpacks in Minecraft, you can have as many as you want, you place one down, and put items in it, pick it back up, put another one down, and put more items in that one.

Edit: thanks molt for fixing my phones auto-correct. I didn’t notice it xd

Perhaps though if you do that, you can’t store the box in your inventory?

Would be cool to see

“with your hands” doesn’t mean “put into your inventory”

I was just saying, it wasn’t immediately obvious, not to mention I was tired. I just said it, and continued on.

If you could search through other players backpacks and see only what was in that backpack, that would be a pretty cool thing

yep it would be really nice

Maybe sometimes there could be a skeleton with the backpack or something but other than that it’s a cool idea.

Why a skeleton? Bodies don’t exactly go to bones in a day, and I really doubt we’re playing really far after the outbreak.

i don’t know. Shot to death and body degraded to bones.

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