Possible suggestions

It would be great if the game has some certain changes such as the day and night changes inside of your base for example if you got no lighting inside of your base it should be sort of dark in my opinion but it’s not a big deal. Would a workbench be crated for unturned II and new types of skills and abilities certain players can unlock. For example to carry more things with weight do you need to upgrade a new skill. It would be nice if you are able to make more advanced makeshift weapons. For example Semiautomatic or full automatic rifles. Lemme know

I’ve been reading this for the past 5 minutes and I still can’t figure out what it means. Please clarify??

Workbench for crafting? Maybe, already in some Unturned 3 mods.
New skills and abilities will most likely come later on in the beta. Not sure if it’s confirmed, but I’m making an assumption based on the current path that the UII beta is traveling on.

Actually, that sounds pretty neat.

If you made a fully automatic rifle out of wood, it would disintegrate the wood and/or make the bullets combust within the barrel. Do not try that under any circumstance in real life.

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What I was trying to say that to make the game realistic if you built a base and it’s day time the base should be dark from the inside because there is no light source inside of the base


Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.
Then again, graphics will be more advanced in UII (probably, since its using Unreal Engine now) so ray tracing may be implemented. Otherwise, windows would be an easy alternative.

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Hopefully but from the progress that is seen it’s pretty good tbh

Just keep in mind that right now, it’s in a heavy beta stage and the base game isn’t even fully complete yet. Much, much more will come later on, and you can expect a pretty big amount of content when the full game releases.

True but I wonder when will it be released I remember hearing this was goin to be released 2 years ago it would be nice to know an assumption of the release date

Trust me, It’s not gonna be released for a long time. Again, the base game isn’t even complete yet, so the building block components need to be finished first. I don’t think anyone can make an assumption on when it’ll be done, not even nelson himself.

but like aren’t makeshift rifles in 3.0 made from metal scraps? so it wouldn’t be made from wood, maybe just from scrap metal and wood parts for the stock and handguard and grip and stuff.

That wouldn’t disintegrate in your hand.

I think if there’s a makeshift full auto gun it shouldn’t be a rifle, but a smaller gun you can fit in your secondary slot. I think there should be makeshift rifle, normal pistol, small auto gun, and maybe a (single shot) shotgun.


Something like that but the game quite honestly I think it should be based more on survival then just finding a gun and kill and raid I feel like they should make it more then one step harder

Sounds nice. I really like the Day/Night idea for the base.

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Mixing in a few games and knowledge,weapons should have modifications, as in, For example, Fallout 76,you could apply a serrated blade to the machete,which would cause bleeding affects, or even more damage. If you ever have checked “Day R Survival” on mobile, there are items like the Diluted Spirits, like as radiation hits players hard,there could be medical items called Chems or Mysterious Chems. There also should be mini kits and different supply drops. Each specifically for a certain thing. as a white airdrop has a cross on it, that has meds, or a green one would mean weapons.