Possibly a new way of valourizing the Gold Upgrade

Not sure if I’m alone on this, but I think the Gold Upgrade owners should have earlier access to 4.0 than the F2P players, since they’ve contributed more after all.


sounds good for me but…

wouldnt people abuse it by simply buying gold in like, 1 day before 4.0 release?


What is there to abuse?

At worst you get early access to try out a new version of the game, at best you’re supporting Nelson.


maybe gold upgrade users would just have a close beta version.and they can give feedback!

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well at the end of the day it only means more money for nelson, so i don’t see a problem


i’ll encourage people to buy the gold upgrade and nelson will have more money to valorise his society it’s the reality!


I 100% agree with this.
It’s kinda like “pre-ordering” if you think about it
So it’s ‘hell yeah’ from me


Maybe they could make so if you buy the gold upgrade 10 or 5 days earlier you wont have access to 4.0

I think the gold upgrade is fine as it is, it gives you a nice chat colour, some neat character colours, and youve supported the developer. I don’t think more is required honestly.

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