Possibly good meme format material?





this is a year old and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I don’t have the bare template >:(

incase you don't understand the dates


1933 Jan 30th


Guys I think I figured out who runs the benson bexton twitter account

comment below big gay


god damn it rain
ya got me




I took a memeology course as I was born on a memer country. I was raised a gamer and memer, and I can indeed say it was worth it.

I will now apply my knowledge on this “meme”, being completely unbiased (or trying to). If it scores more than 100 points it is a good meme.

  • Putting yourself in a meme -10
  • Ushanka -20
  • More like a criticism than a meme -500
  • Spongebob +5

Score: -525. You suck at memeing!

Guys I think I figured out who runs the benson bexton twitter account

If it’s a meme from you. then no


when tons of memes are a criticism of someone, a product, an idea, a way of life, or otherwise

anti-vaxx, airpods, soulja boy console, incest jokes against southerners, USA using bizarre measurements, flat earthers


Let’s be honest, it’s an automatic -1000 if it’s made by Rain.


I think this meme by rain is good
mostly cause we can use it every time


wow all of those actually suck


those have a pass for being funny, you don’t

not to mention those are just:

  • “look out X, oh no he’s wearing airpods!”

  • incest jokes are just “lol alabama incest” and that’s it (they’re not even against, they’re just poking fun at it instead of calling it haram or some shit)

  • USA’s measurement thing isn’t even a meme, same for souljaboy consoles

that’s all





shut it, soccer skin.


Fake news

i’m actually redline


never forget


Tbf Soulja is a massive meme on Twitter with souljapods and him screaming “CRACKAZ” in an interview


interesting, haven’t seen anything about him at all.


Hey guys did you get the new Nintendo SouljaSwitch

ohh shit here come the police for my souljaswitch


I’ve seen a fair share of memes on reddit making fun of airpod users, not exactly the “oh watch our for the car oh no”


haven’t seen any.