Post an image of your steam library

That is not pizza, i don’t know what drug you were on when making this.

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Nah man, that is not how Steam works.

Argo dieded, just pick up Arma 3 on sale.

Tried that, shit sucks imho.

It’s called employment

Full page screenshot time because I cannot be arsed to take multiple pictures of my library. It’s long tho. Lmao turns out the upload just failed, so have the imgur link instead.

It’s called begging for money.

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Dungeon defenders 2 is amazing

you must play it

Played Arma 3 last year. 100s of keybinds, 100s of DLC, shit optimization and disgusting community.

I think I’ll stick to Argo, which, while only maintaining a small community and facing significant drawbacks with the supporters pack, performs well and provides a fun tactical experience in multiplayer and the beloved EDEN Editor.

And Spellbreak isn’t trash. Played it and there is a learning curve, but it can become pretty fun when you get the hang of it, much like any other game out there.

Not how steam is supposed to work. Appears with error message ‘disk write error’. Had same problem with CSGO, waited few weeks before trying to re-install it, then, hey presto, it worked!

i haven’t played arma 3 but watched people like sovietwomble play it and the community looks fine to me

there was also this streamer who would do ops with his community and they also seemed really chill

EDIT: streamer was liru the lance corporal, there was also another channel called Operator Drewski and i remember him making Arma 3 raids on area 51. Oh and Jameskii made a video on it as well.

EDIT EDIT: fuck i already see where the thread is gonna go

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Then just play Insurgency.

Literally just Arma 3 but gimped.

True. Problem is that it didn’t hook me so I won’t bother.

Yes please do that OP. Great idea.

Almost like when you want to do 20 things you’ll have 20 keys to do it.

Fair enough, that sucks. Bohemia will need to make money, just use mods instead (more often than not they are straight up better anyway).

Do you know where you are?

I don’t think you met “the community”. Large swathes of people frequent a few servers and thats it, meaning if you don’t join “their” server you never interact with them. Public Zeus for example is mostly ass because thats where people learn to do stuff. Comparing that to a (semi)milsim community where you cannot even take part in a mission in a specific role without demonstrating you know what you are doing does not really work.

We all do when we saw OPs name, yet here we are.


half of which you’ll never use. Playing an Antistasi campaign right now, and I regularly use about 30 keys a day. Only things I’ve needed to rebind is weapon selection to my Logitech G-keys because it interferes with a mod.

None of which you really need other than Apex. Just install mods, they’re usually better.

Running a 1050ti since my 390x died a while back and I’m waiting on a friend to send me a 1070. Never had any issues whatsoever. (1680x1050, rarely dip below 30fps on all standard settings. Check your own specs before getting mad at one of the objectively hardest games to run well on any computer.

Depends on who you play with. Can’t speak for random players but I’d argue it’s moreso a game for playing with people you know in a discord call, not randoms.


foto1 foto2 foto3 foto4

It’s at hand!

Recommended specs for arma 3 are dogshit in that case because that frame rate is pretty bad.

Also for a game like Arma, wouldn’t the processor have a big impact on the frame rates you’d get? What’s your processor?

This. Especially on a server with no clients that are just there to split the workload (don’t remember what they are called and too lazy to goole) most of the pathfinding, hitreg and so on will be done on (one core) of your CPU. Hell Arma 3 is one of the reasons I upgraded my i5 2400.

Threadripper 1950x with 32gb @ 3200mhz memory lmao. My PC is the equivalent of skipping leg day at the moment. To be fair I’ve played back when I was running an i5-4690k, 16gb @ 2400mhz, and aformentioned 390x, hitting about the same frames on higher settings, same monitor. Don’t remember exactly what as that was a good 3 or 4 years ago.

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I ain’t no weeb
He’s the only mf who does arma 3 ops atm

No but Liru is

i5 9600k with 16 GB of RAM and a RX5700. Vanilla runs on Ultra handily, modded I turn down clouds/wate rreflection and other pointless shit to keep the render distance high. You really just want good single core performance (not too sure if the platform update addressed that, used to be that way).

True that

The numbers after “Intel Core i7” are very important.

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yeah I should stop

But I won’t