Post community achievement ideas here

i.e. killing @Krodeon with a fusilaut, or making your first illegal berry purchase.


Pro-win 5 arenas in a row.

I cant stop now-kill a mega without taking damage.

The Reaper-complete a horde beacon without taking damage?

Mapper-upload your first map to the workshop?

Mapper 2, eletric boogaloo-Upload another map.

thats all i could think…

Screenshot the Bielefeld sign in Germany. :wink:


Never gonna happen!

Getting within 1m of max range kills with 5 weapons!

(I’ve gotten 3 guns out of 5 so far)

I already did it!

Darn. Not gonna happen again then!

That city doesn’t exist, stop lying !

Kill 10 newspawns in 5 minutes, bonus points if you kill them after they surrender.

That was easy, I already found it. It’s at {REDACTED}

The Banished:
Get banned from a server.

Get kicked from a server.

The Rejected:
Get kicked from a server because your password is wrong.

Trouble Maker:
Try to join a game but get kicked because you either have a VAC ban or BattlEye ban.

Join a server and get killed within 30 seconds.

Kill 1,000 zombies without alerting them.

Open the map editor.

Place one of the test objects in the editor (ex: demo store, decal test).

Get admined on a server.

Burn The Witch:
Burn yourself to death on a campfire, while handcuffed.

Get handcuffed.

Prison Break:
Break out of handcuffs.

Stealy Wheely Automobiley:
Use a Stealy Wheely Automobiley to unlock a car.

The Warden:
Get the Warden’s Key in Germany.

Enter a deadzone for the first time.

Enter a safezone for the first time.

Untimely Death:
Enter a killzone for the first time.

Scared of The Dark:
Enter a node with no lighting for the first time.

Out With a Bang:
Die do to an explosion (vehicle or other explosion).

Die from sickness, while in a deadzone.

Hydration is Key:
Die from dehydration while swimming.

The Creators:
Read the credits.

Fire Extinguisher:
Kill 500 flamer zombies.

Haz-Mat Crew:
Kill 500 spitter zombies.

Ninja Spotter:
Kill 500 flanker zombies.

Kill a flamethrower zombie.

Kill a groundpounder zombie.

Kill an electric zombie.

Spread Like Wildfire:
Kill a flamer and have the fire spread to other zombies.

An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away:
Get healed by another player.

The Medic:
Heal another player.

All in A Day’s Work:
Kill a player with villain status while you have paragon status.

Place a trap.

Step on a landmine and die.

Paint Warfare:
Acquire a Paintball Gun.

Not Safe for Consumption:
Drink chemicals.

Drink glue.

Road Trip:
Pick up another player in your car.

Hardened Criminal:
Wear a full prison outfit while handcuffed.

Be handcuffed, and released by another player with a key.

Repair a car with a Blowtorch.

Home Sweet Home:
Die and respawn at a Bedroll or Cot.

That’s all I have for now, I might edit this later and add more.


This really makes me want more unique achievements

For 4.0

I am what goes bump in the night…

  • Turn into a zombie (check trello)

Missing persons report

  • Get killed by the anomaly

That was not supposed to come off…

  • Cut off a zombies limb

for 3.0/4.0

Got a little to comfortable did you?

  • Die to a zombie

Newton’s laws of gravity

  • Die from a fall

Bad teacher

  • Find out that your tutor went away for lunch. (if you know the game well enough you know what I’m saying)

Worse than the undead

  • die 100 times, after accident prone

Hot potato

  • die from a grenade you threw/held


  • Buy/sell with a npc

This is what you do in a survival situation!

  • Eat/drink something below/at 10% durability.

Sick tunes!

  • craft/place a radio

How did you drown in air?

  • Drown to death high in the sky from the altitude


  • Vote to either curate or not curate a item into the game/vote on workshop items

This is not how these were meant to be used!

  • Drink chemicals, drink glue, flash bang yourself, killed by own thrown explosive, killed by own placeable explosive/trap, use heatsims when on fire, killed by falling car (carjack in hand, assuming made possible agin, if not thrown car into water), die by own explosive ammunition fire, kill yourself on campfire, dive into lava with firefighter equipment, drown in water with the pilot set on (supposed to prevent oxygen deprivation, but under these circumstances).

Basically die/harm oneself every thinkable dumb self inflicted way using a item. (I know, long, perhaps exclude ones requiring wearing items

all for now.


I know some of these are dups of the ones above

Play 4 workshop maps

What were you thinking
Drink chemicals

Kill 10 Animals

Home Sweet Home
Place a bedroll, 2 Crates or Lockers, Camp fire

Sandwich maker
Make one of every sandwich

Highway to hell
Kill 100 zombies while driving

Note Maker
Craft one note and place it

Map Maker
Create a map

Map Uploader
Upload a map to the workshop

Spare time
24 Hours on unturned

Too Much Spare Time?
240 Hours on unturned

Email Nelson already!
2400 Hours on unturned

Funiture Maker
Create 3 pieces of various funiture

more to come

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We already have the Experienced beret for the 2400h, I don’t really see the point of adding an achievement for it :thinking:

I don’t see why you should download a cheat (and get banned) to get an achievement


Technically you could just be banned for no reason at all, you don’t have to make a legit reason out of it, since admins can do whatever they want to on their own server(s).

Still agree though, “impossible” achievements or achievements that just seem bad to actually have aren’t what I’d make an achievement out of.


Aka “Bad Coder” badge in GMOD?

hey here’s some silly stuff

Quantum Mechanics

Get a ragdoll stuck in an object, or the terrain.

Why I’m a Great Theoretical Physicist

Solve a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. (Kill an easter egg zombie with a crowbar)

You’re Huge! That means you have huge guts!

Rip and tear! (Kill an easter egg zombie with only a chainsaw)

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of Brrrrrrrrt

Wipe out an entire group with the Jet HMG.

Weapons Expert

Get a player kill with every ranged weapon in the game (aside from vehicle weapons).

Combined Arms

Get a player kill with every vehicle weapon in the game.

Cracking skulls and cutting limbs

Get a player kill with every melee weapon in the game.

Humanitarian Crisis

Kill 100 unarmed players.

He was looking at me…menacingly!

Kill a player for following you around.


Wipe a group using only an Ace.

In the year, 2525…

Craft a vaccine.

…If Mankind is still alive

Die with 0% immunity while having a vaccine in your inventory.

I think I broke it.

Have so much of a single kind of magazine that it loops in itself in the appropriate weapon’s customization menu.

Fam Sisher

Get a backstab kill on a player at night while wearing activated night vision goggles.

They have guns? Imagine my surprise.

Destroy all of the beds under a group’s claim flag.

Shock and Awe

Kill two or more players with C4.

Cya’round, big pimp!

Blow up a helicopter in flight with a Rocket Launcher.

Spooky and the Pilot

Snipe a plane pilot out of the cockpit.

okay that’s it have fun goodbye



  • Necropost on a topic on the forums

Achievement Get: Meta