Post your conceptual art of turned of unturned II

Post here your drawings of how you imagine the turned in II, could be just the drawing of a turned, a horde, or a group dealing with it, a player being attacked and some suggestions of how they should be, or suggestion for new types of turned.


The current face design with the new facial features.

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This too,yes


Honestly, I’d appreciate the Turned “variants” being more “raw biomass” than human. Make Unturned a horror zombie survival game. :thinking: Strike so much fear into the survivors so that rather than loot towns they just loot each other instead! Oh, wait a moment…

“Why is its right eye on the flappy part while the rest of the face isn’t?” We may never know.


Also why does it look like mutated testicles?

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A beautiful pug



I picture this creature running toward me as I hold my shotgun loaded with just one shot, hoping it gets closer so I can shoot, and…

Well, that’s what I expect to see in Unturned II, a game in which the player is afraid to face the creatures, either by their bizarre form or even by their dangerousness.

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I picture myself shooting it at a distance, because it explodes, and then letting the two or three flood infection forms that are released destroy themselves on my energy shield.

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Okay, if they explode … I died :disappointed:

@Pikzel ahahahhaha

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