Post your favorite 3.0 Cosmetic loadouts

Favorite standard tryhard loadout if i decide to be “that guy”

Literally anything else. i’d love to make it look more magical without using the necromancer or magic clothes, because they’re too dark for the theme, but the parkour hood looks really close to ideal for what i want IMO so i just slap the whitest clothes on that are long and aren’t parkour cause that’s way overdone

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If I was in a server I would be this dangerous aussie

otherwise pirate clothing cause it matches my red hat (I wear cobweb bandana this is an old screenshot).

If only there’s a red bandana hat so I can recreate my forum avatar


banana? lol

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Literally all I use is a carrot nose or the gold suit/snow shirt

I use communist ushanka. Ushanka only.

Blue trenchcoat, black pants, red scarf, snow sled backpack, sunglasses and headphones (sometimes.)

first off you have my main, semi-based off me

then you have obviously the best character, Susie

also don’t look at my other characters

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BETA shirt and Designer Jeans

u is ease

Sometimes with the berey as well.

It’s either the ushanka or the finnish jersey, you can’t wear both at the same time.


why not, Finnish people use ushankas too
sinc it cold in Finland you know?

you happy now?

Wuz intended to be a joke because of the hammer and sickle

np man I know :wink:

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also i found my new favorite loadout, i look like an orange Creamsicle, because what’s more BM than getting killed by some dude who looks like an omega tryhard? getting killed by The frozen treat man.


any ushanka, trench coat, black pants

never changed it since the russia update