Post your Steam favourites

ill go first

after epic comeback

@DeusExMachina @Pesticide
Arma 3 for a tactical, milsim FPS is soooo unimpressive. You aren’t immersed. IRL, war isn’t trying to remember 60043902940902903 keybinds. it’s about survival. arma 3 is stoopid.

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If you need to remember the key binds you are doing it wrong. It’s all about practice, much like any drill in real life is.

Insurgency still does the FPS feel better, so does Squad. Squad is most of what I wanted from Arma 3 but the community just isn’t the same. Might not have found the right one yet.

We already established that you are a 14 year old with sub-par taste, so lets just move on.

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I dont know how you listed them in your library :man_shrugging: but there you go

basically every free game

so propose a milsim that’s better than arma 3

“What? What is this? This would never happen in real life. How come I have to press a few keybinds to play the game properly? this is absolute bullshit. Like look im literally stretching my fingers across the keyboard to change my gun’s firing mode. this is bullshit.”

-Probably DarkSydePhill

Project Zomboid, HOI4, Foxhole, and Unturned. Those are my top four favorite games at the moment. I’m thinking about getting back into Arma 3 since I’ve just bought all the DLCs.

@tehswordninja me soloing enemy airfields twice and not dying a single time because of the magic of banana hit marker be like


when the boys get 120+ infantry kills while zooming around in a shit T-72


Arma 3 is pretty good immersion-wise (depending on what server you choose), even if you do have to practically re-learn the keybinds if you haven’t played in a week since there’s so many of them.

Yall complaininbg about vanilla binds?
Try playing modded.

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hey you don’t know that, you have never been at war. i personally always remember to press “Esc” to pause before i get blown up by a missile.


Fortnite ninja

might literally be the worst take i’ve heard on this forum


You have to keep in mind you are arguing with a literal 14 year old that probably never even played airsoft.


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