Powerheads are devices that fire firearm cartridges upon a heavy impact. They are often mounted on poles and thrust into sharks, crocodiles, or alligators, in a manner similar to spear fishing. They are used instead of conventional firearms, because most bullets tend not travel well through water. I would like to see them added into 4.X, as melee weapons that do high damage, regardless of the player’s skill, but require cartridges to function. They would be something between a gun, and a melee weapon. I have never heard of them being mounted on rifles, but I think it might be interesting to be able to attach a powerhead instead of a bayonet. I know it may seem strange to have a firearm attached to a firearm, but the powerhead wouldn’t necessarily fire the same cartridge as the firearm that it is mounted on, so it could be useful in some situations.

Speaking of specific, “water” weapons, an ads rifle or speargun would be nice. These would have lots of drop, very little range, and less damage on land. Under water, they would have a lot less drop, maybe 10% more damage and have a longer range.

Well, we kinda have the Crossbow…

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