Pray for me please


i got a heart burn and it’s hurting so much. i want to work on my game but it just hurts so much. god may have mercy for me.


your stomach juice simply latched onto the bottom of your throat pipe where it isn’t protected, which is why you can feel the burn


why making a topic out of this?


Thanks anatonomy, now i need to delay some concept arts and sprites.


Just take that fire fighter medication thing.


Eat chalk.

No, seriously, calcium carbonate fights heartburn.


eat chalk? sounds like a job for me


Amazing grace…how sweet a sound…


Of your getting heartburn just get a heart transplant

~Problemo Solvo


That burning you feel?

It is shame.


The only thing I learned is that in minutes some people get something good and others bad.
Like today I was in wedding.


i thought it was heartburn