Pre-made economy?

Just looking for some help finding a pre-made balanced economy for a server. We’ve been brainstorming and fully well know the value of guns compared to other ones and etc but putting a value on it is a hard thing to do without making something unbalanced and it’s a huge hassle. I thought for sure uconomy or zaup shop came with pre-made item lists with values and etc but it seems not.

Honestly I prefer phisical ways of buying stuff such as npc’s instead of commands in the first place, it makes things more immersive (I guess you’re talking of rp).
That said, it totally depends on the scenario that you’re building. I think that with more info about it people (also me) could help in a better way.

Well it actually is physical. People are given notes through a kit hourly that they need to exchange at the bank for EXP. All of the trading is done by NPC’s and it’s really neat. The problem now is simply the balancing act of making the buy/selling of the NPC’s you know, reflect the true value of the item. I tried to put someone in charge of economy and they were all over the place, making an arrow worth 6,000$ while one metal scrap was worth 200$ (so in theory two bulletproof glass was equally valuable as a single metal arrow)

I don’t know much to explain. It’s a simple RP where people run around trading with NPC’s, doing their jobs, being in gangs, being in blue uniforms to protect the towns, and raking money from drug farms.

We currently have a table that I devised here with the relative value of items. Police get a discount on their few weapons, civilian weapons are legal to carry, and a blackmarket Russian Ranger dealer and a rouge CIA agent sells illegal weapons. We’re nowhere near sure about the pricing of raiding tools such as charges or LMG’s so I haven’t bothered with it yet.

edit: our perms and kits are here if that would help or something.

Yea but other important things are missing like which map are you using? Is it custom? Does loot spawn around? Also raiding gear? Is raiding fully legal or there are some rules? If loot is there but weapons are hard to find, then those should be the ones that should cost lots of money. With jobs you ment that you can for exmple fish then sell it to a npc? Same as hunting etc? (in that case its cool).

What I mean is that it’s hard to jus come here and throw in a reasonable price list if there are no infos of how the envoiroment works. About giving the economy in hands of a person in my opinion it’s a nono, so im not surprise that you regreatd that. I would allow raiding only outside of towns (that will have regions to prevent offline raiding) for example.

I don’t think the map matters much at all, but for details it’s a custom map. Theres no natural item spawns. Everything is created by NPCs or kits and are used or destroyed by players. Every place on the map has a multiplier added to it for the cost of living. EX living in the spawn city De Sola costs 1.2x the base price, compared to a more off-shore town which would probably by .9x the base cost for the same exact house.

If someone tries to raid another person they will expect cops to show up. Theres no rules against raiding, just laws enforced by the police. The jobs are completely makeshift and player-based. There is no jobs plugin wherein you join a job. A player just decides what he wants to do out of his own free will. If he wants to get an axe and chop trees he can choose to. People can fish, chop, mine, and grow plants to sell to the NPCs. The only roles that have a tailored rank are the police, gangs, and more special roles like the Realtor

This is a full RP. Everywhere RP takes place. If people can’t be offline raided that just opens the door for hoarding massive amounts of wealth. Outside of towns players can’t build, they physically aren’t supposed to. They need to buy a property and build inside of it or on the exterior of it. They aren’t supposed to litter the forests or roads or alleyways with garbage or makeshift houses. Here’s some property rules.

-No Buildable forts
When we mean build able forts, we mean bases that you can build. We do not want to see them as they would be very illogical when it comes to roleplay, if any staff find it, it will be destroyed and you will not get any loot out of it ever again.

-No claiming an area or property without buying it first
Do not just walk inside an empty property without actually buying it from the realter company.

I should test it to realize better how’s the situation I think. Is it up? Will pm