Precision (Breaching) Charge is useless? (no clickbait)

I never see anyone using the breaching charge at all. Why? Maybe it’s because it does less damage and to only 1 structure per charge. This is what’s making it useless

The breaching charge should have a small buff and a balance. Demolition Charge + 2x Wire = Precision Charge
Now this charge should be special in its own way. If you stand next to it (not in front of it), and detonate it, it should barely do any damage on you, rather, on the wall/structure itself allowing the player to get in faster than having to stand away by 20m before rushing in. I did some testing and analysis and found out that it does less damage. Why doesn’t it do the same damage? If not more. C4 should be used for groups such as lockers or in a corner. But using the breaching charge only takes care of 1. Therefore, the breaching charge should do more damage to structures than regular C4 because it’s only on 1 structure at a time.

Idk about you guys, but I think this is needed


if you detonate a presition charge neer you you will get any damage.
here is a video of comparaison:
but yes charge need more features to be a special item to use.

The main reason you rarely see Precision Charges is because of how situational they are. Demolition Charges are meant for mass damage, whereas Precision charges are meant for a small burst of damage, targeting only one structure. A great example of this would be breaking into a Player’s garage without destroying [The vehicle you’re assumed to steal]

I know that. But Mostly i want it to be used when I’m standing next to it to allow a faster push. But when i tested it, I stood about 1~2m from it and i still took about 30 damage. However, in real life usage, they stand next to it, breach, and get it. No harm to the people outside. Not to mention the decreased damage from the charge. So all i want at least is the mere equal damage and for it to only damage what’s behind it and in front of it. No damage to anything on it’s sides.

It’s sad because it should’ve theoretically done more damage in most cases due to more dmg being applied per unit of area, but the decreased range is also causing a lot more of the damage to be applied to nothing. If damage was offset to not be a sphere around the charge, but more like a breaching cone going towards the object it is placed upon, it should do more damage I’d assume.

Or a more basic fix would be to just increase the base damage to 1100 instead of 1000. It’d technically do more than the Demolition Charge as a base value, but the differences in range should balance it out better than currently.


I agree with that