Preemptive PSA regarding "Windows Kernel modification"

If you receive a message like this after the latest update:

21:00:24: Starting BattlEye Service...

21:00:28: Launching game...
21:00:28: Windows Kernel modification detected. Please repair or reinstall your system.
21:00:28: Failed to launch game.

…it’s because you’re using a pirated version of Windows 7.

Personally, I think you shouldn’t be doing that. The best solution is to not pirate Windows 7 if you want to play any BattlEye game.

Posting this preemptively so less people make a fool of themselves on the forums.


Lol sucks for those doofuses

While I’m sure @Yarrrr appreciates all the business, don’t expect pirating something to work as you want it to. There’s always a catch, plus you make yourself look stupid in the process.


Shiver me timbers, we freebooters make an honest job but landlubbers like 'em be too stupid to understand


Actually, there’s this one time that I’ve “accidently” turned a windows into a non-genuine version (system updating. I guess). And I’m forced to either buy the code. Or download the pirated version (fortunately, I’ve brought a new com after that for awhile due to viruses and stuffs.)

It’s still guilty, but still. It shouldn’t be something worth blocking.

I disagree, it most definitely should be when your version of Windows is no longer secure, and is more open to exploitation.

The solution for most would be to just repair or reinstall your OS.

Regardless, security reasons are pretty valid reason to block something.

That shouldn’t have happened to begin with, and is an abnormality that can’t and shouldn’t really be accounted for.

If one has a digital license, no product key has to be entered at all. You can just click through everything without actually having entered a product key.

If one has a product key, then that information should be kept, and not disposed of.

While it is true that a pirated version of windows are more open to exploitation, as l’ve “somewhat stated” not everyone knew that their windows are pirated. Which is rather. Sad.

It’s not really like “Buy me now or I’ll delete your system32” type of force. It’s more of a “Black screen of nothingness as a background and a little bit of text saying something fancy at the bottom right corner”

Again, I think that my old PC has a cracked version. Or not. It’s a long time ago.

lol ya should have really crude crack if battleye can detect it

modern cracks are foolproof so they cannot be detected without detail look

Battleeye is actually pretty good. Yes it may not be able to detect everything, but yeah. Cracks probably have to be good or it will get detected by most software. Yet Battleeye manages to detect it where others can’t.

Also, if they can be detected, their not foolproof.

battleye detects cracked windows just right to pervent launch in virtual space so kids may not test their hacks freely

anyway they should get rig bans since unturned is a free game

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