Preference on Scaled Models or Custom Models

  • Scaled
  • Custom

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I read up on some old threads and a few people seem to be divided on this

warning: danaby and likely others voted scaled for the meme

Custom objects are better. End of story.


Voting for custom because custom is bae.

Now, if you want to scale boulders a bit, I’m totally cool with that as long as the texture isn’t stretched to hell and back like on a certain map. >.>

i don’t get it, am i blind or dumb?

Look dont get me wrong, i like custom objects, but Ive just found it hard and tedious to make objects XD

what do you mean, oh ego boosted one?

Scaled debris is obviously the only way to go…


Hey atleast we tried :c


HAHAH YOU MODDERS HAVE LOST BWAHAHAH!! in all seriousness, Im surprised. Its probably mostly for the memez XD

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