Preferred chocolate bar (or other form)

Snickers are great. Much better than Mars. Twix is good too

What’s yours?

If you can’t eat/don’t like chocolate, post the alternative


Sorry to break it to you, but Snickers and Twix bars are Mars bars.

Not really a fan of chocolate in bar form, but I really like chocolate-covered blueberries.


Still I prefer either than the original Mars

payday bars cuz they are the most filling

Crunch, milky way, snickers, twix

I agree with Doy_Man, payday bars are the best bars

You mean those tiny peanut bars? How something that small can be filling is beyond my understanding.

Dark chocolate bars from the following brands:

  • Whittakers, from the best country in the world.
  • Lindt is pretty good.

Not a massive fan of nut/caramel/sugary chocolate.

Ngl chocolate is quite a rare treat for me so I often just enjoy the hell out of whatever I can get.

My personal favourites hands down though aren’t in bar form. Kinder Surprise, Lindt Lindor, and Ferrero Rocher respectively.

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Crunch or Mr. Goodbar

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Crunch and sometimes frozen choccy milk because :sunglasses:

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Rom chocolate bar best

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Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat, Lion

gold bars.

I like all bars.


Peanut shells are all i am allowed to eat.


Milky way (10char)

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Twix everyday