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this shit fuckin writes itself


While I’d love to shit on the subreddit, we do have to mention that the forums are almost, if not equally, as bad. :griefer:

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Who the hell decides it’s a good idea to place a sleeping bag in the middle of a place where zombies spawn?

you know theres a reason I don’t make memes
because I cant

Sir_Aver is the same case

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Eh, the forum is usually pretty good in my opinion. I like that it’s small so you kind of get a sense of who people are.

I can find better memes in Unturned wiki

:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Y’all just can’t handle the superior memes of the unturned official discord



Yeah this shit really does speak for itself, I cannot even put it in words.

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It’s kind of sad when these great games have very ‘eh’ subreddits or other communities. Undertale has this problem too.

This isn’t just a “subreddit” problem, its more like the entire internet.
The entire internet is problematic like this, there is no reason to be nice, to communicate well, to put effort in your posts, sure you can get banned from the place you post if you just don’t put effort but, really that doesn’t affect you, none of this affects you.

bruh WHAT

i thought the internet was a safe place??? full of happiness and sunshine???

The happiness is all from people acting out their sadistic tendencies and the sunshine is from Archimedes’ giant mirror laser.

I seeing this “meme”


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Me determining if I should keep reading or ask for the gun



People feed off of enraging others, and those who waste there time getting enraged are wasting there time

That’s the internet

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