Preset Builds?

So in The Forest u can choose a preset Design
maybe in unturned 2 you have the option to Choose from certain Designs But still have the ability to free-build, in my opinion this will make Bases look better and will give the player more options for Designs.
i dont know if this has been suggested before :thinking:


That’s pretty lame, i think. Building the structure piece by piece is more flexible and convenient for me. Maybe more pieces?


I like the idea as long as it compensates for their creation (perhaps allowing the player to build faster or spend less material).

This will not affect free building, I guess, it will only allow players (according to their choice) to build pre-assembled bases.
But I understand your point.


I can see a few balance issues with this, mostly because I feel it’d make it a lot easier for players to go full Fortnite mode and build elaborate structures during combat, which may break immersion, and in PvP, also feel unfun to play against. That being said, most of the buildables in The Forest are just as modular in Unturned, and those that aren’t are still easily constructable from what we currently have in U3.

UII is confirmed to be getting a master building tool in the future, which may factor into this. It’s suspected that this master building tool will work somewhat like the Building Plan item from Rust.

The best way to go about doing this would simply be to add more types of modular building pieces, which would both help with variety of aesthetics and design options.


As GHJ said, this might be a balance issue, especially if you can just plop down a building in the middle of a firefight to use as cover.

Maybe a better solution would be to have preset “outlines” that highlight the area to be built and what needs to be put there.


Thats What i actually meant

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Presets would be extremely basic and there would be no diversity in bases other than one by ones

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thats a pretty neat idea not gonna lie

Should preset builds be added?

  • Yes
  • No
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If this gets added I think it should have either a build time, a higher materials cost or less hp. This way you will reward players for being creative and it will prevent every player (especially beginners) from just using preset 1x1’s all the time.

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Then, the majority of players wouldn’t even use them and it would become practically useless. However I do like the idea of making a trade-off for using presets.

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