Pressing Control - Enter to post

Just a quick suggestion, but I keep making this mistake and It’s a little annoying. When I hit control - enter, It posts my topic whether it is complete or not. Because of this, I have accidentally posted two topics (Item rarity (my first one), Game balance mega suggestion (Just now)), and have had to delete them, making anyone looking for a suggestion who clicks on my post get an empty page for 8 hours. It would be nice to have an option to disable the topic creator with enter, as I use it often to move down a line. I understand that this isn’t a problem for most, but I’m using my laptop right now and it’s a bit of a pain in the rear.


Ya know you could just edit the posts instead of deleting them


I could, but this post is probably going to take around five hours to write, so a bunch of people would end up reading an incomplete post that doesn’t address anything about the topic and literally ends in the middle of a word.

You can write a forum DM to yourself, that is what most people do.

Yeah, I’m just typing mine up on google docs right now. It would just be nice to be able to do it on the spot without worrying about hitting the wrong key.

Why do you use Ctrl+Enter to move down a line? Are you used to sites and apps that require using Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter to do that?

You don’t need to do either on the forum. Ctrl+Enter is the quick key to submit a post. Enter is how you make a new line (just like a text document). If you’re on laptop, just hit Enter and nothing else to move down a line.

I’ll look into seeing if there’s a way to let users change their keyboard shortcuts, but I think this is just resulting from a habit that doesn’t apply to the site’s text box.


Yeah, I concede that it’s a little odd. It generally happens when I try to Ctrl-C or Ctrl-V then move down a line too quickly. I can just write in google docs, though, no biggie.