[Preview] Changelog

Preview branch version is now available! This information may change between now and the update’s official release.


  • Stat values in all item descriptions, and Use_Auto_Stat_Descriptions [bool] item option to turn off.
  • Left_Handed_Characters_Mirror_Equipable [bool] option for text items like Buak maps. Defaults to true.
  • UI_Requirements option for quest conditions to hide certain steps until other steps are complete.
  • Barricade_Wall build type for barricades without interactive function.
  • Support for the newer dat list format and GUID references in spawn table assets.
  • ThirdPerson_Zoom [float] property for scopes. Defaults to 1.25.
  • “-TimeOverlay” command-line flag to show seconds since startup under FPS in upper-left.
  • “-LogSpawnTablesAfterLoadingLevel” command-line flag to log all spawn chances.
  • Player list button to mute text chat messages per-player.
  • Rain_Affects_Growth [bool] and Harvest_Rewards options for farmable items.
  • NPC Global Event Messenger component for mods.
  • Override Relevant Distance option for Effect Spawner component.
  • Optional integration with Unity’s newer UI system: UI Elements / UI Toolkit.
  • Player_Life_Health NPC reward type.


  • Per-player voice and text chat mute is saved between sessions.
  • Text chat (finally) supports more than two lines per message. Raised player-sendable length from 127 to 512.
  • Converted main menu featured workshop and news feed to same UI system as the rest of the game.
  • Pressing camera focus hotkey in volumes editor with nothing selected returns near to world origin.
  • Effects support replication using quaternion for rotation rather than forward vector.
  • Unity scene and resources files are included in multiplayer hash validation.
  • Character preview adjusts render target resolution to match on-screen size.
  • NPC dialogue tree is no longer locally predicted.


  • Pressing item hotkeys while mouse is visible outside inventory menu unbinding them. [Thanks Ankumo!]
  • Hide mute button for yourself on the player list. [Thanks Matqyou!]
  • Hide selected item hotkey hint for primary/secondary weapons in inventory. [Thanks Spebby!]
  • 3D hitmarkers not showing multiple when spraying full-auto. [Thanks Pickle Burger!]
  • Potential cause of non-registering hits immediately after equipping melee. [Thanks P9nda!]
  • Default terrain texture tiling size when unreadable. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Clamp volume scale to +/- 100km to avoid some physics problems. [Thanks AdamDN!]
  • Heightmap brush sometimes destroying terrain. [Thanks Romelete, DanielWillett, and AdamDN!]
  • Hostile animals not playing startle animation upon detecting a player. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Gun/turret event hooks OnShotFired not invoking on server. [Thanks ZoliWorks!]
  • Transport failure breaking disconnect partway through workshop/assets/level loading. [Thanks DiFFoZ and kezaspr!]
  • Aim animation speed not changing properly with attachments. [Thanks Wyvernaed!]
  • Unable to create new assets using the spawn tables editor. [Thanks Jdance!]
  • More potential fixes to spaghetti-patches of pathfinding code. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Include attack interval in animal eat/glance animation delay. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Civilian nightvision grayscale effect not applying to dual-render scope. [Thanks dug!]
  • Repeatedly generating GUID for asset when unable to parse GUID. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Dead bodies blocking interactable doors. [Thanks Twddisco!]
  • Exception if nightvision property was added to saved glasses. [Thanks Barinnf!]
  • An exploit related to NPC dialogue. [Thanks Liebesleid!]
  • Unknown session response kick when server Steam ID changed. [Thanks sunnamed434 and DiFFoZ!]
  • NPC conditions/rewards not applying for repair or ammo crafting. [Thanks iBowie!]
  • Level loading null reference exception if forageable bush was missing Forage object.
  • PEI civilian vehicle spawn table not spawning rally cars properly.

Originally posted on SDG Support: https://support.smartlydressedgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/12462494977172.

Bug reports are often tracked on our GitHub repository: Issues · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub.

Additional discussion available on GitHub: Preview branch update 2023-10-09 · Issue #4116 · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub.


Very nice update

all my homies love pickle burger :muscle:

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god i cant wait to get my mapjam item skin in this update B)

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Trophy skins for both the recent Summer MapJam and Liam’s PvP events will be ready & distributed shortly after the update goes live on the main branch. :slight_smile:

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Melee is fixed, yay!

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Is the update today?


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