[Preview] Changelog

If everything’s going well, the plan is to release this update around the middle of the week of the 18th - 22nd. There will likely be some cosmetic item additions between now and then, as well as adjustments and fixes depending on feedback.


  • Ability to connect by “Server Code” without port forwarding.
  • Support for Steam’s “Fake IP” feature.
  • Bounce Grenade [ID 1838]
  • Impact-Absorbing Boots [ID 1839]
  • Default_Battery [guid] option for vehicles.
  • Falling_Damage_Multiplier [float] and Prevents_Falling_Broken_Bones [bool] clothing item options.


  • Crafting Bounce Charges no longer requires C4, only Wire and Explosives.
  • Doubled Precision Charge damage against barricades and structures.
  • Reverted Allow_Freeform_Buildables default to true and separated into Allow_Freeform_Buildables_On_Vehicles.
  • Metal freeform buildables are vulnerable to all weapons now.
  • Fuel canister/tank and generator item descriptions show capacity and burn rate information.
  • Item stats in the same paragraph sort positive before neutral before negative.
  • Revised default server list preset naming for clarity.


  • Missing “offline” text in singleplayer loading screen and pause menu.
  • Singleplayer config defaults not applying in tutorial.
  • Hitch for some players when starting and stopping voice chat. [Thanks Senior-S and GazziFX!]
  • Zombies not climbing through Gas Station #2 windows. [Thanks FluffyWabbitz!]
  • Changing mannequin pose on vehicle blocked by vehicle colliders. [Thanks AdamDN!]
  • Decal editor gizmos flickering with node visibility off. [Thanks AdamDN!]
  • Player list sort button out of sync with Group_Player_List config. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]
  • Placing pillar/post/wall/rampart with top of center underground. [Thanks BeEmpathic!]
  • Broken interaction between blueprint supplies marked critical and not searchable. [Thanks Renaxon!]

Originally posted on SDG Support: https://support.smartlydressedgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/12462494977172.

Bug reports are often tracked on our GitHub repository: Issues · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub.

Additional discussion available on GitHub: PSA: Changes to client/server connection messages on preview branch · Issue #4251 · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub.


Cool update ngl


I’ve looked overall the datamining and change log and everything seems really good, for real, finally something really interesting which may change the way how some things are played right now on the game

However I only have a claim about it and is the Precision Charge buff, I totally get why it was buffed, actually it was needed, but 4000 of build damage? why so much damage? Even 2000 was enough since brick walls (the hardest structure) have less than 2000 of health. If were possible, literally you would be able to destroy almost 3 brick walls with only 1 precision charge


I’ve left a lot of more additional feedback on the github :stuck_out_tongue: just in case someone agree with me

Brick and metal walls have their effective health doubled since they count as ‘armor tier high’

The effective health then becomes 3300, which is still a bit less but some servers have structure HP multiplied so I don’t think it’s a problem, the charge has tiny radius and that evens it out, if you don’t hit the buildables in their center you will likely not do any damage at all.

I can agree with on what you said on github, I think a decent solution would be to introduce a new explosion effect for the ‘bouncy’ explosives, obviously with a new sound.


Thanks you! I had completely forgotten that fact of the armor multiplier. Molton also mentioned this same thing on my github post, so yeah my bad xP. Glad you agree with some of my suggestions tho :coy_smile_zombie_:

The precision charge after the update has 4000 damage, before it is 1000, is the patch note incorrect or is my math off?


New clothing and bouncy charges will bring more dynamic to vanilla maps that’s for sure
Also rebalancing of the precision charge is quite nice, there was barely any use to it in the past apart from raiding a sky base or bases on water i guess. Really nice update.


Months ago I closed my server due to hack attacks, attempts to destroy my server and spending 12 hours a day. Finally something that can help mitigate this

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really cool update skybase new meta???

We are so back

Is Allow_Freeform_Buildables_On_Vehicles enabled or disabled by default?

Both of the Allow_Freeform_Buildables options are defaulted to true again now. The general consensus in the Official Discord after the previous update seemed to be that it would be better to be able to damage the metal versions rather than disabling by default, so we’ll see how the feedback to this compares.


Would that not make the metal versions useless? I mean if wood and metal can be taken out by a melee there’s no reason to not just make the more easily obtainable wood ones.

Personally I think something like a cost change or making it require a skill like crafting or engineer, but still being invulnerable, would be better, that would make the metal still have a purpose but be less of an issue. Especially when stuff like barricades and sandbags are obtainable with wood yet still need charges to destroy!

Would that not make the metal versions useless?

Those metal barricades will have way more health than the wood ones, remember that, isn’t just “both will be able to receive damage with melee so metal barricades = not worth”

Now, something that should be addressed are overall all the barricades and how they can be raided. For example, with the changes from the latest preview brack you will be able to raid a metal plate, made of metal, with melee and/or low caliber, but then you can’t raid in the same way a couch, made of cloth? Same with sandbags and probably more barricades

Personally I think that any barricade that is directly related with base building (generators, sentrys, oxygenators) should be the only ones that won’t be vulnerable to low caliber/melee, just like curated map does, and the other ones used just as a cover/barricade/fortification (sandbags, tranktraps, plates, etc.) should be the only ones vulnerables to low caliber/melee

That does mean it’s not worth it, it just means people will have to hold down LMB with a chainsaw a little longer. It makes them completely useless for base building, and metal plates have some niche uses for base building nothing else can really be used for so it’ll suck to lose that.

Really liking the update, bounce charge changes and such are great. Im glad freeforms are back in a sense, glad you can damage metal now. I still believe it would be good if you could not stack freeforms on top of each other (preventing massively high single structures) but thats just me. I still think they have way to much health (both wood and metal) and 1 log should not be able to tank like 50+ rounds from a gun. Maybe reducing the health on these might be good? Precision charge changes also good - although i think it might be very strong but yet to see how it plays out. Happy for the changes and new cosmetics

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i love bounce charges!!!

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