[Preview] Changelog

The preview branch has been updated with some of the upcoming changes/fixes coming to the game. This information may change between now and the update’s official release.


  • Option to use the classic crosshair shape.
  • “Manual Object Culling” volume type which replaces/improves old per-object-asset LOD area settings.
  • Instantiated_Item_Name_Override and Instantiated_Attachment_Name_Override options to simplify workarounds for animation component.
  • Exclude_From_Culling_Volumes [bool] option for objects.
  • Exclude_From_Level_Batching [bool] option for objects and trees.
  • -DisableCullingVolumes command-line flag. Not recommended.
  • Valentine’s Day holiday condition for secret admirer note quest on Liberator.


  • Improved and re-enabled batching of level objects and trees.
  • Assets with duplicate GUID are now skipped during registration rather than assigning a new GUID.
  • Use same collision height (2 meters) for all zombie types.
  • Slightly increase zombie vertical attack range by 0.1 meter.
  • Slide while standing on zombie’s/animal’s head.
  • Allow masks to work as underwater breathing apparatus with backpack.
  • Semi-auto repairing melee items play an impact sound.
  • Terrain tool weight target option can be used with auto foundation option.


  • Stereo not *playing* the tracks not installed on the server, rendering the change in the previous update pointless. [Thanks Timmy!]
  • Teleport animals that fall out of the map to a valid spawnpoint.
  • Pooled effects getting prematurely destroyed. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Transparent pixels in supersampled screenshots. [Thanks Tiway!]
  • Some inconsistent skin/cosmetic emissive intensity values. [Thanks diddlyono!]
  • Animal collider not getting disabled on server. [Thanks surv0013!]
  • Interior culling size of Gas #3 and Warehouse #2 objects.
  • Misaligned UVs on player/zombie ragdoll neck. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Extremely small network positions off by one. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Some inconsistencies when enabling/disabling crosshair. [Thanks KarmaWSYD!]
  • Loading screen not appearing between clicking exit and reaching the main menu.

Originally posted from SDG Support: https://support.smartlydressedgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/12462494977172

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Thank you for adding this, this will save alot of time!

Why was that done?

This change resolves an issue where Mega Zombies couldn’t enter most doorways, and Crawlers got into places they weren’t intended too.

The preview branch (+ its changelog) has been recently updated with additional changes up to the current x.x.x.102 preview version.

I think it would be cool if it was possible to visualise the old Area Occlusion Component volumes in-editor. A few long term projects I’ve been working on have a lot of assets with complex AO Components setup in-prefabs and it would be nice to see them in editor, especially so level editors don’t get confused and add them to objects that already have them built in.
Either a launch option or a tick box in editor would be appreciated.
A tickbox for disabling all volumes in would be appreciated as well. Going through and setting every volume to hidden manually is a pain.

EDIT 2: After some some investigating with “LOD Area/Mesh” it appears that the option maybe auto places the AO Components in editor? It would be nice if these options are properly documented. I say this as a military towers spawns in with a volume already attached. This object was shown off by Nelson when demoing the AO Component during the Unturned Building Guide video, and the volume matches the component’s in that video.

Rant about Launch Options. I'm hiding this as I feel like it's not as well put together and is not of the same importance as the above topic.

This may be a bit crazy but it’s been on my mind. With some of the newer launch options, I think it would be good for them to be added to the game’s settings menu since there are players who may want these set off (like film makers) who may have no idea that launch options even exist.

My plan is to put it in the live config file so I can disable if necessary, and include launch options for players who it does/doesn’t benefit.
(On the topic of Level Batching)

In the Level Batching article on the support site this was said. I think this is another case where a setting in-game may be warranted.

Disregarding all of the above, it is at the very least a good idea to add a easy way to access a list of launch options in-game in the settings menu. It may even be preferable to keep these more niche options hidden from the settings menu. However I still think that some of these launch options are more impactful and shouldn’t just be hidden in obscurity.


Following up to note that the preview branch has since been updated, and is currently preview version x.x.x.104. Among a couple other things, this includes the option to use the classic crosshair shape.

Will there be a game update today? Or on next week?

Today (sorry, it’s actually out as of a few minutes ago by now). The full release changelog is still fairly similar.

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