[Preview] Changelog

Preview branch version is now available. This information may change between now and the update’s official release.


  • New animated hitmarkers.
  • Accurate range markers on vanilla scopes.
  • Transparency option for crosshair, hitmarker, and critical hitmarker colors.
  • Multi-threaded asset loading with additional information on the loading screen.
  • SpotLight_Enabled option for melee, tactical, and headlamp items.


  • Windows dedicated server intercepts quit handler to save+shutdown when closed.
  • Replaced Ballistic_Drop gun property with Bullet_Gravity_Multiplier.
  • Removed Recoil_Aim gun property.
  • Searching crafting list by name can show results without any available items.
  • Redact certain hate speech regardless of profanity filter setting.
  • Stop inspect and equip audio clips when the item is dequipped.
  • Removed peripheral integrations. (e.g. long-disabled Discord integration and RGB keyboard integration)
  • Replaced 2D cosmetic icons with 3D preview icons.
  • Your own bullet impact audio is slightly audible regardless of distance to provide more hit feedback.


  • Track kills on weapons with Shared_Skin_Lookup_ID. [Thanks NickSkunk!]
  • Phantox Timberwolf albedo and emission textures flipped. [Thanks Semidvista!]
  • Prevent resetting gun’s fire delay by clicking again. [Thanks DerEnte!]
  • Enable HUD during red flinch overlay similar to flashbangs. [Thanks Renaxon!]
  • Miscolored roll bar on colored offroaders. [Thanks Alex!]
  • Sentry gun spread/misses not properly using aim direction. [Thanks PiggySvK!]
  • Clamp terrain cut brush radius to work around an engine crash. [Thanks DanielWillett!]
  • Terrain material brush pixel average mode not working. [Thanks DanielWillett!]
  • NPC passive pose resetting when unloaded. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Items in nearby inventory incorrectly removed when a non-visible item is removed. [Thanks Joko!]
  • Ignore asset paths less than 2 characters as a workaround for material palette assets missing closing list bracket.
  • Not applying framerate and vsync limits at startup.
  • Fail loading of animal assets missing required game objects.

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I’m loving everything about this update except for one. All these things are amazing and I love to see it. However I don’t know how I feel about the range indicators on scopes. I’m interested as to whether they will change depending on the gun. Because I feel like the fun for most guns is learning the drop and where to ‘guess’ when taking that initial shot. That stuff comes with practice and takes skill. Adding this in essentially means there’s little to no reason to learn gun drops and just sit back from ages away and shoot, rather than getting closer. Idk just my initial thoughts but will be interested to see.
Keep up the work :heart:

The markers don’t differ per gun, they differ per scope. Bullet drop has been replaced with a standardized gravity multiplier.

  • Multi-threaded asset loading with additional information on the loading screen.

Made a comparison


To elaborate on what Molt said: each vanilla scope has different distance markers, but they do adjust per-gun depending on the bullet speed. It is also affected by your field of view.

edit: and personally, I don’t think it lowers the skill because you need to gauge the distance, previously the scope design was arbitrary.


Should be optional but turned ON by default, In my opinion

That’s how it used to be

its better now.

And what’s wrong with my statement exactly

that would just be removing a new feature, it worked the way you suggested before.

No, what’s exactly is wrong to setting it up to the player to either turn it off or on? It could be done not by an option but by config.jsoin line so less people know about it.

when time update on?

No, that would be problematic in it of itself.
Slurs are just bad, Racism shouldn’t be compromised with.

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This. If that sort of content needs to be optional then you aren’t moderating your servers correctly.

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Eh fair enough. Idk I just feel like having correct ranging does make things a lot easier, especially with guns having such a low skill requirement already with low recoil. This is why you don’t see it often in other games. I guess we will see how it plays out. I Don’t wanna hate before it’s even out yet lol. But as I mentioned before, I’m just glad there are some changes coming to gun play

Patch notes have been updated. Notably, this includes a new transparency option for the crosshair, hitmarker, and critical hitmarker. From the “Options” menu, this is represented with the Alpha sliders under each of those customization options.

Crosshair Alpha Sliders


  • Transparency option for crosshair, hitmarker, and critical hitmarker colors.
  • Your own bullet impact audio is slightly audible regardless of distance to provide more hit feedback.
  • Misc. bug fixes for new preview branch content.

The patch notably includes the “classic” hitmarker setting mentioned here: New hitmarkers are a bit too hard to read - #6 by SDGNelson


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