[Preview] Changelog

This version doesn’t include any vehicle changes. We’re pushing an update a bit earlier than planned because waiting for the new features (unrelated to vehicles) was holding up a few people. This update hasn’t been properly tested it yet.


  • Option for whether group member name tags fade out near crosshair.
  • “-ScrollViewSensitivity” command-line value.
  • Rewards_List_Asset reward type which can reference a RewardsList asset or spawn table.
  • NPC Rewards Volume which grants a RewardsList asset.
  • Zombie kills condition LevelTableOverride option to spawn specific zombies.
  • NPC “cutscene mode” reward type which hides viewmodel and prevents shooting weapons.


  • Firerate offset can be applied to all attachment types and supports negative values.
  • Show a tiny dot on map when player avatar images are turned off.


  • Bad positioning of Frying Pan kill counter. [Thanks Arturbraun1408!]
  • Russia militia spawns containing Viper rather than Viper Magazine. [Thanks RadicalBeetle and babybillygaming!]
  • Anastasia door symbol stuck in place. [Thanks “an Unturned enjoyer”!]
  • Problems related to deleting group while in exit queue. [Thanks sunnamed434!]
  • Equipment stuck in busy state after attempting to fire gun with invalid magazine. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Progress Pride Pin too far to the side. [Thanks Unkn0wn_Gh0st!]
  • Previous fix to -SkipAssets doing the opposite of intended. Oof. [Thanks rube200!]
  • Buildable transform out of sync if edit was cancelled on client. [Thanks StilauGamer!]
  • Setting invalid render mode in config file to make terrain invisible. [Thanks FORTI!]
  • Missing default text formatting for base NPC reward. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Quest screen scrollbar not taking UI scale into consideration. [Thanks Spebby!]
  • Ammo per shot, bullet damage multiplier, and spread multiplier sentry gun inconsistencies. [Thanks MoltonMontro!]

Originally posted on SDG Support: https://support.smartlydressedgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/12462494977172.

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Will legacy IDs for spawn tables be made optional in this update? It would be extremely nice to have for modding, and isn’t related to vehicles so it would fit :slight_smile:


i cant wait to play around with the new firerate change, so awesome. Also moving the frying pan killcounter is great, now i can show off my 1000 kills


Unfortunately not, sorry. It’s on the vehicle branch along with changes making legacy IDs optional for vehicles.


That sounds great, keep up the good work!

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Nah gangsta thank you for fixing this :pray:

I hope it isn’t aligned straight :pensive:

Does this mean that the vanilla /vehicle command will support vehicle names alongside GUIDs?

So far this has been implemented into RocketMod, and people seem fine with how it works.

would be cooler if the player had a holstering animation instead of just instantly turning off the viewmodel.

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or even making the gun be switched to safe would be cool.