[Preview] Changelog

This is a relatively minor update, mostly comprised of fixes.


  • Map options to hide markers, name labels, and avatars.
  • InteractableObjectQuestEventHook component.


  • Replaced Raw Explosives in vanilla carepackages with Demolition Charges.
  • Fade out group member labels near the center of the screen.
  • Included character action and zombie animations in examples package.
  • Increased max item drop height (again) from 512 m to 2048 to cover full level height.
  • Replaced tutorial button gap with confirmation button.
  • Monitor all server workshop files for updates instead of just the map.
  • Seeds planted by non-players can grow by default.


  • Aurora Skier helmet/glasses slight adjustments. [Thanks August!]
  • Lime Tracksuit cap/fanny pack slight adjustments. [Thanks Joko!]
  • Pharaoh hat/necklace and Strawberry Waitress hair fixes. [Thanks Animatic!]
  • Incorrect level buildable object ID conflict warning. [Thanks GreyTC!]
  • Misplaced bookshelf in St. Petersburg. [Thanks Erdbeersahnetorte!]
  • AssetBundleName:AssetPath format not supported by newer dat parser. [Thanks Curly0-brackets0!]
  • IOBS event hook inconsistency between singleplayer and dedicated server. [Thanks DrDallas1!]
  • Lack of warning for destructible objects with more than 8 sections. [Thanks Axodouble!]
  • Copying transform in global space only applies position, not rotation. [Thanks DanielWillett!]
  • Buildable distance from hull not considering train cars. [Thanks Tiway!]
  • Various minor visual issues around PEI. [Thanks AdamDN!]
  • Physics material discrepancies between some terrain materials accompanying boulders. [Thanks Spebby!]
  • Merged barriers around Volk Military Base to increase draw distance - also provides more cover. [Thanks Happy12222!]
  • Log rather than crashing when capturing screenshot larger than max supported texture size. [Thanks Karma!]
  • Missing impact effect in gaps around vanilla doors, doubledoors, gates, hatches, and shutters. [Thanks kelllmonakil!]
  • No padding around news feed contents. [Thanks Jdance!]
  • Planting seeds on top of vanilla berry bushes. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Unclear create/update workshop file error popup despite logging more details. [Thanks DanielWillett!]
  • Melee swing and punch swoosh sound only audible for attacking player. [Thanks diddlyono!]
  • Zombies and animals alerted by damage despite plugin cancelling. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Bulk disconnect message showing average for all clients rather than kicked clients.
  • Startup stuck if saving curated map auto-sub without write permissions.

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