[Preview] Changelog

WARNING: Do not load your important saves on the preview branch. Use a different character slot on single-player, or create a backup for your multiplayer server. New saves created on the preview branch (and old saves loaded on this preview version) will not work if you attempt to load these saves on the current version of the game.

Everything on the preview branch is subject to change before release, and may not reflect the full update. There will be bugs – if you encounter an issue, please report it!

For more information about the patch, commentary about developing some of the new features, and links to modding documentation, refer to the changelog originally posted on our support site: https://support.smartlydressedgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/12462494977172


  • Vehicle spraypaint items. [IDs 1840-1866]
  • Audio Menu with new Game Volume slider separate from Master Volume and Voice Volume.
  • Options for adjusting volume and limiting framerate while alt-tabbing.
  • Preliminary engine RPM and automatic gearbox systems for vanilla cars.
  • Tire kickup particle effects on vanilla physics materials.
  • New wheel models that properly match suspension, steering angle, and speed for vanilla cars.
  • Support for item names in vanilla /give command and vehicle names in /vehicle command.
  • Kick for skin color too similar to terrain color. Enabled on PEI, Washington, and Russia.
  • Enable_Terrain_Color_Kick server config and TerrainColors level asset property.
  • Per-item-type options for Has_Durability tuning.
  • EquipableModelParent item property. Allows attachment to spine bone which is a better interpolation space for some animations.
  • Spread_Midair and Recoil_Midair gun properties.
  • Invulnerable [true/false] property for attachments. Enables Invulnerable property on the gun.
  • Shared_Skin_Apply_Visuals item property.
  • Per-deadzone damage and radiation control.
  • FilterDegradationRateMultiplier mask item property. Multiplier for per-deadzone radiation intensity.
  • Redirector asset type for replacing one asset with another.
  • VehicleRedirector asset type specifically for consolidating vehicle color variants.
  • OnExploded event for VehicleEventHook.
  • -LogVehicleWheelConfigurations command-line flag to assist in converting to new wheel system.


  • Changing directions while driving is more responsive by automatically braking until velocity changes direction.
  • Third-person camera rotates independently of vehicle.
  • Converted barricade and structure rotations to use quaternions rather than euler angles.
  • Perform host bookmark GET request without protocol specified if address contains forward slash.
  • Consolidated all vanilla vehicle LOD groups so wheels don’t disappear so soon.
  • Merged vanilla vehicle color variants into paintable base vehicles.
  • Respawn affected vehicles when reloading assets.
  • Physics material names are replicated using a string table now that tires use them.
  • Vehicles should no longer require a legacy ID for anything.


  • Laser/light/rangefinder attachments now only affect damage and firerate when enabled. [Thanks danaby2!]
  • Aprix bandit shirt and pants overriding elf ears color. [Thanks Armstrong!]
  • NPC support EquipablePrefab override. [Thanks NSTM!]
  • Boss_Spirit zombie type missing bullet resistance. [Thanks Molt!]
  • Focus camera mode drifting away from focal point if spinning. [Thanks diddlyono!]
  • Hide attachments without name in otherwise unsupported slot from item description. [Thanks Happy12222!]
  • A few small visual bugs on Russia. [Thanks Happy12222 and Williriano!]
  • Maybe fix some visual issues with mythical effects. [Thanks ai-kana!]
  • Escalation Bionic Spine and Spirit Signs adjustments. [Thanks dug!]
  • Duplicating NPC reward volume not preserving asset reference.

Originally posted on SDG Support: https://support.smartlydressedgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/12462494977172.

Bug reports are often tracked on our GitHub repository: Issues · SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community · GitHub.


Holy peak, Nelson delivered with this :fire:

Glad to see a counter to greenskins as well

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does this refer to just vanilla vehicles or all vehicles?

Most of the vehicle-related changes are opt-in. Any older, preexisting modded vehicles shouldn’t break when used on the preview branch. If a modded vehicle is behaving wildly differently than expected on preview, please feel free to report it.

All vanilla cars have been updated to use new features. If you run into any issues with them, please file a bug report!

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Will there be a choice to change the camera and how it orbits around the car?
The new one is nice but for stuff like racing, the camera is really bad for racin

oh my god this is all amazing


The tires look different les go :fire:

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Is there consideration put into physics profiles, since a lot of the modern mods use physics profiles? I assume the standard we’re using for “not broken” is able to drive even if the physics are borked.

The preexisting behavior should have been preserved for the most part. (the exception being stuff like changing directions more quickly with the auto-braking) Which vehicle mod are you using that’s broken?

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Implemented in the 103 patch! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops meant to reply to both comments in one.

i get that legacy IDs aren’t needed anymore for vehicles but im kinda confused on how can i adapt my own vehicles to the new method since i’ve seen that there isn’t IDs on the vehicles dat file yet they can still be spawned by using the IDs, and won’t merging what was 8 vehicles with 8 IDs and GUIDs into one with a single GUID cause problems on save files and servers?, i’d like to know so i can adapt my own vehicles hopefully without causing problems on servers that use it

Hey @Raider,

This is briefly mentioned in the preview changelog, but I recommend reading through our modding documentation. Specifically, you’ll probably want to look at these two pages:

For specific examples, I recommend opening up the vanilla game files.

Reading Redirector Assets — Unturned 0.1 documentation isn’t necessary (they’re not being used in this case), but the information on that page may help you understand how Vehicle Redirector Assets work a bit better too.

EDIT: Note that the example unitypackage has also been updated for the preview branch!

Is there a possibility for the independent camera to be applicable for vehicle turrets in first person? (turret dosent turn with the vehicle, making aiming a little easier)

Would it be possible for gear dependent animations to be implemented ? By that I mean that if the vehicle switch a gear, there could be a new animation for the vehicle (Swing wing for planes, sail for sailboats, etc…).

I really like this update! The vehicles struggle a little while going uphill, particles match terrain, and seem to recover very well from bumps. I think this is an essential update for vanilla game!

A quick question, much like how @THEMAX94120 stated, if there’s going to be a possibility of gear shift animations, are there also going to be flags to help ‘animate’ gear related vehicle lights like reverse and brake lights? (So far loving the handling for the preview build of cars though, excellent job!)

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