Prize/Award/Trophy Weapon Demo

The idea is that if you win a competition giving out these weapons as awards, you will receive your choice of ANY weapon with the Bronze, Silver or Golden skin which turns enemies into statues. The awarded item has your name in the title and the event in the description.

Planning on using these for future screenshot contests, short film making contests, etc.


that looks really fun to do for whatever reason

Although it makes some creepy looking scenes.

statues frozen in time… reaching for an unobtainable goal.

Or trying to defend themselves.


woah dude bro that’s pretty deep lol

“Nobody asked for it, but no one said no either”

“A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.”

I don’t think anyone saw this “demo” coming, haha. The rigid ragdolls are pretty funny to look at, especially when they strike wonky poses. Looking forward to what possible future competitions you could possibly devise!

I just hope nobody combines it with Flight skill, otherwise we’re going to end up with Unturned’s second most OP missile program

an unturned golden saxxy? yes plz


I think this is a great step forward for community involvement and content creation.

Much like how Fistful of Frags competitive players get gold versions of their select weapons in-game.

I don’t wanna be one of those people but the bronze one looks weird whit the black and bronze colors together I think it would look better whit a darker shade of the bronze color.

it might be a place holder but we have to see what the community thinks of it also that was unexpected and also cool.

It looks good to me.


Is that a new, epic feature that could be used for mods? :eyes:

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And now enable +700 ragdoll velocity and take a Grizzly.

You’re lame if you don’t choose the Golden Frying Pan


Pretty nice.

A reason to tryhard! Nice!

In-Game Soon.


I love these novelty ideas so much, and on the note of contests, maybe we can get some workshop related ones? Just a hunch haha.


Image result for Heavy Assault Rifle Fortnite

I honestly thought that description was a joke on the github, I really like this lmao, Its like that one tf2 weapon.


so basically when you kill a runner zombie, it becomes a flying golden/silver/bronze bowling ball.

like the idea

󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀

pick golden hawkhound btw

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