Problem when joining into server

When I join my server I load in. But before the screen goes into the game from the loading screen, there is a brief pause with ear rape that sounds like rushing water. I don’t know if this happens on every server. But my server, in particular, is an Ubuntu 16.04 Dedicated server if that is any help to you.

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I’ve got the same issue with my server running on Ubuntu 14.04. I’m validating the files on both my game and the server but it’s probably an issue with the new “basic server->client UI formatting” or something. I’m guessing there will probably be a hotfix later today because I can’t join any other servers either.

Me and couple of my friends have this problem when joining a server. It seems that we are in game, but the screen is frozen, i can punch and hear the sounds . I found out that if you die in game you can move your mouse and press cancel. Before you go out of the server there is a brief moment when you can see in to the game.

This happens to me on my server (Windows 7). I think it’s actually a problem with the Germany map.

It’s not just Germany because I get the same issue on Washington even after completely reseting the map.

Edit: The germany map does not have the “stuck in queue 1” issue but it does play a really loud waterfall sound when you join. Washington and PEI both do not work from what I can tell.

That’s happened on my servers for months, so it’s not anything new. Hopefully Nelson’ll fix it sometime soon.

It happend for all maps for me. Also I have servers on Windows 2012 server and doesn’t work too.
But it doesn’t happend to everyone, few people can join sometimes. Strange :thinking:

Here is the crash report for the server.

Maybe Nelson is just saying “Fuck Linux” pardon my french.

I get this problem on Washington as well but it isn’t rushing water and sounds more like rain

Here is a work around
cp ~/steamcmd/linux32/ /lib
cp ~/steamcmd/linux64/ /lib64

EDIT: Sorry I posted this in the wrong topic, this fix is for Linux with the Game Server error.

This doesn’t fix the rushing water, or any other “Floor Falling” glitches.