Problems with exporting animations

Hello, I have faced a problem that stops all my work. I try to export my animation for melee weapon from blender 2.8 in Unity. I have followed the documents Nelsen leave on the GitHub:


  1. Ensure scene unit system is metric with unit scale set to 1.0 and length set to meters.

  2. Select the Skeleton node.

  3. File > Export > FBX

  4. Selected Objects: True

  5. Apply Scale: FBX Units Scale

  6. Add Leaf Bones: False

  7. Primary Bone Axis: +X

  8. Secondary Bone Axis: -Y"

But when i had done the export and tuned the settings in Unity, my mod was broken. The animation of “Equip”, “Weak” and “Strong” don’t work. I find a lot of materials connected to blender 2.7, but they aren’t relevant for me. I would get help in this aspect of modding. If you can provide a full guide or materials (actual materials), please write me. Also, I will give more information about the problem (screenshots or something else) if u need.

I’m waiting for my hero:0

Version of Unity: Unity 2017.4.6f1


I haven’t fully looked over your issue, but a screenshot of your animation setup in Unity, and information like what Unity version you’re using, would both likely be helpful to people trying to help troubleshoot. :slight_smile:

the problem with unity is that it converts the centimetres from blender into meters, this makes it so that your rig is actually one one hundredth of the size that it actually needs to be, and you can’t actually scale the rig without causing a lot of problems. You need to get the original animation file and make sure it’s sized correctly before you can animate the rig, or it will cause several different bugs.

just to note, the same thing happens with other programs, not just unity and blender, so if you were using da vinci and unreal you would run into the exact same problem

Okey, thx, i have just updated my topic.

I tried to replace 3 types of my animation in example of Camp Axe. And I chek Blender, there are measurement in meters.

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