Problems with resized objects

When I use my custom object, I place it down and it’s real small, so I have to resize it to be larger.
(I’m kinda new to modding/creating maps so apologies if I’m doing everything wrong)

I’ll demonstrate here, when I place it down it’s small, then I resize it to be a normal size scaled to the player, as seen here as the size I want it:

And then when I try and copy it to make another copy of the building the same size (like I do with all other stuff and it works fine) it makes a copy the original size, not the size of the resized version, as seen here:

So if I keep the resized building as it is, then I exit the editor/devkit and then come back, the building is back to its original size.

How do I stop this from happening? I’ve never seen this with any other stuff that I haven’t made. (I guess I could just go back into unity and resize the thing there back to a normal size, but that would be fiddly and I’d rather not do that - and it still doesn’t really fix the problem of why I can’t resize my stuff).

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send pics of how it looks in unity and what ur .dat file looks like


it was a while ago that i made these so idk if there’s a different .dat file or something

It looks small because you imported the asset from blender incorrectly. The easiest work around is to do this:
(With Blender 2.8, and in object mode)

Set object rotation to -90
Set object scale (on all axsis) 100
Ctrl A - Click All Transforms

Set object rotation to 90
Set object scale on all axis to 0.01

I know, but I don’t really want to go through reimporting the thing, I just want to be able to change the size of it in the editor and be able to have it actually save as the size I want it to be. I’m just talking within the Unturned editor, I literally can’t scale it within Unturned, which is pretty inconvenient.

If you change the size in the editor it will mess things up but okay here is how:
Assets > Wherever You put your mesh > Mesh (CLick It to get its imported properties)
Set Scale Factor to 100
Hit Apply

Ok, thanks

delete the thing at the bottom and change the 2 things at the top to large


Okay, thanks dude :+1:

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