Problems with the controls (singleplayer)


the tricks on the map are activated, I try to use the “@time”, “@experience” and “@teleport” commands but they do not go in any way. how did I raise it?


Before you start the world up make sure the cheats box is checked. Its on the same screen as when you are selecting what map you want to play on.


that’s what I tried to say, but nothing.


Can you be more specific on the commands you’re trying to use, and include the parameters?


if I write “@time 1000” in the global chat of the game and I click enter, nothing happens.

if I write “@experience masterlupo/1000” in the global chat of the game and I click enter, the same thing.

@teleport masterlupo/(location name)” does not transport me to that point on the map.

I do not know how to define it any more than that.


How about “give” and “vehicle” ? Did it work?


hot ones go but those 3 that I said no.


I dont know but when i do “/teleport train” for train station in carpat it worked for me. Maybe you should try without using player name


nothing to do :frowning:


Sorry for the bump but…

Have you tried using “/” instead of “@” ?

Also. Please make sure that there’s no typo. I don’t know, that’s an odd problem.


I’ve already tried it over and over again, but maybe it’s connected to the steam account.


Loz, you typed your sentence wrong…


I wouldn’t really mind that nitpicking if you were 3 days earlier.


sorry, but when a topic doesn’t show up in my unread tab and I see it in latest, im usually 3 days late. Anyway, @masterlupo, try typing @give instead of /give.