Problems with Unturend 3.0 workshop

Don’t pay attention to my mistakes (English is not my main language and it can be hard to write such big topics sometimes).

The main problem in Unturned 3.0 workshop is that its really hard to make NPC’s, skins, mods. 2 days ago I was trying to make my NPC, I spent like 2 days on watching lots of Unturned NPC guides and other similar stuff, but now I realized that it’s even harder than I thought it was going to be, all of this problems is because Unturned 3,0 doesn’t have interface when you’re creating skins and NPC (this interface it’s your notepad). So yes creating maps its the best way to become a contributor ( because it’s easy and all you need its just a pair of assets and good imagination).


I found an program which can make NPC’s, if you need I can send it to ya
There’s lots of stuff you can do like Quest or Vendor and even more!
But for the first time it’s hard to use it. So if you need it msg me in private chat


Eh I’m not really sure about what does that have to do with the workshop. If you did spend 2 days watching tutorials it shouldn’t be that hard unless you’re not finding the right stuff you need.

If your aim is once again to get a reward through something like that you’ll be a bit disappointed, making a good map isn’t as simple as it may look like, there’s a lot of time, effort and thought behind most well-rated map projects and not just a pair of assets.


I know that it can take a lot of time from few weeks to few months, but this is the inly one thing that I can made for unturned workshop.

Why do you have to make something to start with ? Didn’t you say in a previous post that you’re probably not a good pick to be part of a map team ?

Because of my English, not because of my map creating skills.

The main problem with steam is its really hard to gather a team, create assets and code a game. 2 days ago i watched a python tutorial on YouTube but couldn’t make my f2p battle royale game in unity.

If valve and steam could make this process easier with a better interface, they would have made me happy.