Progressive infection-style gamemode idea

This would a gamemode (like horde mode , survival, arena, etc.) in which the map becomes progressively infected (singleplayer only, it would probably be far too complex to do in multiplayer). The game starts off as a normal day in a stable society made up of NPCs, which quickly begins to fall to a zombie infection that would originate from a randomized location.

The NPCs would begin to defend themselves with whatever they have, and as the infection progresses, some may hold out longer than others. But as time goes on, eventually most locations would be overrun, and you would be lucky to find a small groups in the forests.

Loot will spawn shortly after a location is completely overtaken, with many zombies present. The locations would be damaged too (broken windows, littered streets, fires, etc.)

Your objective: survive through any means possible. You could either scavenge overrun areas, or try to farm for food and craft makeshift weaponry. After a certain period of time ingame, it would become possible to escape (a helicopter comes in, a roadway is opened) and doing so will cause the game to end; you win.

But throughout the game, a meter measures how sick you are through a percentage, and once it gets high enough, you turn into a zombie and lose. It would go up through exposure to the air around the most infected areas, through contaminated water, and really any other way that a sickness usually spreads. The meter can be lowered with medicine (obviously) You also have 1 life, you die, its game over.

The only way to win is to escape through one of the afore mentioned methods.

At the end, win or lose, you are shown how long you lived, along with other statistics.

I think this would be an interesting gamemode that could give rise to challenges made by the community (win using only a certain method), and it is designed to be survival oriented.

You might have already seen this in the discord suggestions tab, but I realized Nelson is much more active here so yeah.


I Think it could be fun to play, if done correctly

and it would be cool if there was some kind of roleplay too and missions and such stuff there

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I remember seeing this post but instead of NPCs, it’s players RPing as their randomized role. :nauseated_face:

One major problem this idea has is the attrition feature.
Simply dying or joining mid-game means you have to wait for the game to end then restart.

And the game conditions sound like they take around an hour minimum. Yikes.

Imagine playing in a server and people slowly leaving unless they play conservatively to preserve their radiation meter.

I can see why it would be difficult to implement as a multiplayer gamemode, but if it’s singleplayer only, I question whether it should be an official gamemode at all.

Was talking about the previous iteration where it needed roleplayers to fill in the roles.

It could, but I’d rather see more development time spent on horde and arena than this to be honest.


I’d prefer the ‘Escape’ gamemode Nelson mentioned in Trello over this to be honest. Even though it’s like the opposite of this suggestion, it’s a multiplayer only game mode and requires many players to run properly, plus zombies are playable.

To be fair, this sounds like a single player story/campaign mode albeit in an early apocalyptic scenario.


Co-op would be cool, or something similar like that.

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