Projectile override per magazine, rocket type gun magazine damage override and dealing damage to the nearest point of vehicle

Projectile override per magazine can be used to make different types of shells for vehicles, for example, high-explosive shells with lower velocity and worse ballistics than armor-piercing ones, also to use different mechanics through event hooks.

Rocket type gun magazine damage override also can be useful for different types of shells. Now you can only multiply damage and explosion radius.

And also making dealing explosive damage to nearest point of collider and not to prefab origin will make battles on vehicles much better, because now, in order to damage vehicles with large model you need to make projectile with a big explosion radius.

Could you clarify a bit on this? This used to be how explosions worked, but afaik all instances of explosions should be using the closest point nowadays.

Explosions are calculated to gameobject origin but on vehicles is especially noticeable because it bigger than player or interactable objects

Is this on the latest version of the game? There was technically a bug fix related to explosions in the latest patch.

Version (latest)
I often don’t follow unturned updates, but as far as i remember this game, damage from explosion was always applied to center of gameobject(not only vehicles, objects and players too), and fact that explosion is applied to center is also visible in your video: Precision Charge vs. Tank - YouTube (precision charge have too small radius for reach the center but when you put c4 inside it reach tank center(i literally showed same, but with explosive bullets))