Pronunciation of "Carbine"


Just out of curiosity how do you you all pronounce the word ‘carbine’?

  • Car b’eye’n (what do beans have to do with anything?)
  • Car bean (how could the British know more about guns than Americans?)
  • Assault Rifle (it needs to be banned before it can run away and shoot school children)

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Now remember different people pronounce it differently, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be cussing people out. (but we all know the one objectively true pronunciation :wink:)


What does this have to do with unturned


pretty much nothing.


I say “Car been”


i’d say the “e” at the end changes it from “car-bin” to “car-b’eye’n”


whoever says car been is a big dummy doo-doo head


English spelling has more to do with etymology than it has to do with English pronunciation.


Yes, doodoo heads indeed.




Guys, c’mon… It’s pronounced “Carbine.”



However, this is a car-bean


Where on earth did you find it
I’m 100% sure it deals more damage than bullets.


Look up “Places where beans shouldn’t be.”


Car-bine is how I pronounce it. Just like it’s spelled. Pretty sure that’s the standard American way to pronounce it.


watch the foul language mister!!!


The question isn’t whether carbine should be pronounced ‘car-bine’ or not, the question is how is ‘-bine’ is pronounced. Is it pronounced like sardine, limousine, machine, etc. or like decline, shine, confine, etc. or like masculine, discipline, doctrine, etc.




Ah, well in that case I mean pronounced like decline, shine, and such.


you turned into runforthecube at the end of that sentence


I say car bin