Proposition/request for new object functionality

So, I’m creating a unique progression system on my map where players must obtain a gas mask from an airdrop to access the deadzone. However, I wanted to implement a feature whereby players must obtain a keycard to summon the airdrop. Unfortunately, it appears that this is either unfeasible or nobody has designed anything similar on the Workshop previously.

In my opinion, such functionality would be beneficial to modders, as it will encourage them to invent new and exciting systems similar to my own.

through workarounds, it would hypothetically be possible to “call” an airdrop through NPC event hooks but no one to my knowledge has tried it just yet.

If the player can specify the location, “Carepackage.cs” can be implemented.
Players can’t specify the location, you can use “ServerTextChatMessenger. cs” send “/ airdrop” instruction to the server, but need to open “Allow_Server_Commands” server setup.

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