Ps4 bugs i have run into

There is a bug on ps4 where you can dup items using a locker. There is a bug where you can dup ammo by repairing guns. There is a bug if your iventory is full and you grab an item from a storage the item will delete. There is a bug with the all the scopes where the bullets shoot up and to the left. There is and bug in thread person where your bullets dont shoot at the cross hair.


While 505 is already aware of most of those issues, bug reports should be made through 505 Support rather than the SDG Forum. (For issues regarding the PC version, the public GitHub repo is often one the most appropriate places, although the two PC forums can be used as well).

To submit a request to 505 Games Support, you’ll want to take note that you:

  1. Set the Platform to the relevant console (PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S).
  2. Set the “Game” to Unturned.
  3. Set the “Inquiry Type” to the relevant issue.
  4. Provide a detailed description of the issue.
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Sorry i didnt know where to make a bug report thank you for telling me