PS4 Controller Support

Back when Nelson posted his Devblog #3 he released a video of gamepad support which appeared to have Xbox controller controls.
Most games only have Xbox controller support and if you wanted to use a PS4 you would have to use third party programs such a motionjoy.
I’m not sure how hard it would be to include PS4 gamepad controls and UI, I think it would be a great addition considering a lot of people have PS4 controllers. Maybe an automatic detection system where when you plug in the controller it switches the UI to the controller your using.

Or, in the options you could select “keyboard,” “xbox”, or “PlayStation.”

That would work to, that’s similar to how Fortnite works on PC. You go in the settings and choose your controls.
I was just going off of how Rocket League works with controllers because they offer PS4 controller support and it detects it automaticly and switches your UI when you plug the PS4 controller in.

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