PSA: You can shoot through hedges

This is interesting, only found out about it recently. This also opens up a tonne of opportunities for custom objects that support wall-banging like on CS maps (COUGH COUGH @danaby2 COUGH)

Next time you are hiding behind a hedge and see someone, don’t be afraid to try shooting through it.


I’m not going to judge you for finding about this recently, so…

as for wall-banging, it wouldn’t be possible (with vanilla game code) to make the damage reduced when “penetrating” objects. You might be able to “pretend” damage is being reduced if the actual spots you could shoot through was really patchy and most of the time you were likely to not actually shoot through, or if shooting something with physics applied to it allowed for more dynamically destructible objects.

Technically you could make some fun props, and gameplay-wise it could be fun, but balance-wise it’d be a bit lackluster. I think using it for team-based arena battles as an unpassable invisible barrier that you could shoot through would be better. It could also probably be used as a gating mechanism on “adventure maps,” but at this point just using clips may be better.


as much as I would love wall banging someone, I do agree that it would require a complete rework of the bare bones of Unturned’s codes.

I agree with Molton on this

Yeah, I never really would want wall-banging to be in official Unturned but rather workshop content