Pve vs pvp

How exactly does Nelson plan on making Unturned 4.x pve when the community (which is going to be moving to Unturned 4.x) is mostly pvp?

Simple: he will just make the game as PvE as he wants to.

About the community, some will entirely love the game as it is (me included). Some others will have to adapt themselves. The rest will simply die (leave the game).

Because the idea of making the game like that is making it go how really it was meant to be; how we, the civilized and polite sector of the playerbase, expect the game to be.

In that order, whoever leaves the game won’t be in a reasonable position to say it was a bad game.

Also, leading the focus to PvE doesn’t mean that PvP is going to be banned entirely. In fact, reinforcing PvE aspects could make PvP more reasonable, fair and smarts-wise.

Who agrees?

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I remember some guy explaining that a good PvE game is a good PvP game by default because of alot of things aspects affecting the gamemode in a way that it isnt a mindless slaughter of eachother

As for the people, I wouldn’t really care about their preference. They’ll have to adapt to the new game just like in every other version with a change that caused alot of reactions. Besides, I doubt the game will gradually be more PvP-influenced just because alot of PvP nuts dont like the new design, since the dev is a bit more considerate with ideas

Their own choice to stay in 3.0 if they wish to, but they should be aware that it won’t be a heavily supported version unlike before

I think you will see the same community shift in 3.0 as you do in 4.0, because most people from 3.0 will come to 4.0, demand pvp, and then modders will fill the niche, servers will be made and you will end up with a 3.0 esc situation where survival servers are dead and modded kit servers reign supreme

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The way I see it though, even if this does happen there will be very strong pockets of veterans pushing for survival centric gameplay that will create a subcommunity for vanilla and hardcore survival.

But that’s considering the levels of brainless PvP from 3.0 even make it in. A lot of the people that would have played on creative/OPKit servers and the like have expressed disgust for 4.0, and believe somehow that it will fail.

I know that he will do what he wants with the game and I also hope that he makes it mostly PvE, I was wondering what he would do to push more PvE and less PvP (besides no Rocket)

This is what I’m pretty worried about.

Pve would be a great first mode because we don’t want a lot of “Toxic” people emerging in the first version of 4.0!

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I don’t see this happening if PvE is done right. I have no doubt that’s the direction it’s headed now.

The game will be pve, mods will make it pvp.

It will be more oriented to PvE, doesn’t mean that you won’t fight other players.

Yeah thats what i meant sorry if that wasnt clear

Well the “upcoming” supposed “beta test” will be a PvP combat test, if my memory serves me right

Well, I like both PvE and PvP (often switching between) so eather way It’s a win for me.

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