PvP overhaul

I think that being a KOS bandit is far too easy for people, and the negative reputation isn’t helping much. In unturned 4.0 I propose that if you have negative reputation, npc assassins will be sent out to kill you. The lower your reputation is, the harder it will be to deal with them. And there should be no cap to how hard it would be to deal with them. Because then the whole system would be worthless.

whenever you kos someone you get banned from the whole game and a handwritten letter from nelson saying that he’s very disappointed


Nah. That would be too dumb. Yeah, mine isn’t the smartest either, but I guess the only thing that I can think of to discourage being a serial killer is showing how it feels to be the victim. Especially when you have late game equipment

This would be a cool feature for an rp server, but I’m not sure how well it would hold up in all types of servers

The best way to lower (not eliminate) rampant KOS would be to make players have to weigh whether or not they want to use their resources on players or environmental threats. You cannot completely get rid of KOS without ruining the game, but if you want to prevent it then every bullet has to count.

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IMO, it’d encourage killing-on-sight. Hostile NPCs that look like human players do that in general (cause KOS). Making them scale to your reputation just encourages farming them for good loot, since they’re an even more reliable source of weapons than other players might be.

I don’t see this as an active detriment to the players it was meant to impact – it’s just free loot, and even then if the KOSer does die, the assassin NPC would be in a location with a bunch of other players (presumably, the typical “victims” of KOS).

tl;dr: This suggestion is designed as a punishment, but that means that there’s no incentive for the KOSer to raise their reputation. They can interact with everything in the game (e.g., quests/factions) exactly the same.


if you want to stop me from kossing, make high reps increase exp gain


KOS with bambi´s is a big issue too. But i always remember that a bambi isn´t a bambi if you spawned with him in a town. That police station has a good chance of finding a cobra to shoot you in the back. Now shooting someone in the middle of nowhere although he poses no threat to you whatsoever, thats low. Thats just trash.

Perhaps instead of sending NPCs to kill people with low reputation, you make the NPCs look at you weirdly. Ie if you had neutral reputation and you wanted to buy something from an NPC, the NPC would be fine and sell you the item, but if you were into the negative side, then the NPC may charge you more or not sell you that specific item because of your behaviour.
This would only work if the game or a specific item really depended on that one NPC ie you can only purchase specific ammunition from this NPC that you can only use in this one specific weapon, or an NPC exclusive item.
This could work for positive side of reputation too. If you have X amount of positive rep, then you gain discounts or stuff like that. This would encourage people to be good, but to a certain extent. If they already have that item or enough ammo, then there is nothing stopping them from going negative.

If NPCs or other mechanics are a big part, then KOS could probably have consequences. Unturned being a PVP game though, KOS always has its place whether you like it or not.

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Maybe on top of hunted down, you will be shot at sight when you approach a NPC settlement, and not allowed to interact with NPCs that you typicly get quests from. If someone bitches that it’s overpowered, then they feel how it feels to be the victim of a bandit that doesn’t understand that there are other ways to get what you want than wasting bullets and possible medical supplies

Honestly, this sounds more like a rant than a suggestion then. PvP is a part of the game. I’d really just have to suggest that you play on a PvE-only server.