[PVP Suggestion] My thoughs on how to make pvp more enjoyable

I know some won’t agree with me but this one comes from a more casual player…

I think players shouldn’t be able to shoot their guns while jumping, instead there should be an animation of them holding the gun with one hand or something like this, like they are actually jumping… you get what I’m saying.

Based on what stance you are in, the recoil should differ e.x: Normal walking stance - Normal recoil, Crouch - A bit less Recoil, Prone - Least recoil.

I know this might encourage camping a little bit, but for me I prefer to be killed this way then to get killed by some 360 quick shot jump shot rocket laucher using player jumping off the dc tower. I’m exagerating but you surely understand what I’m saying.

This last thing is off-topic but there would be great to have some Official Vanilla Servers that are constatly highlighted like BlackOut was and have their own section in the server list. This last one might have more cons but I just think some would like it, donk know if enough…

Maybe there is a need to change the way certain guns work, but I strongly disagree with disabling shooting while jumping. So many games allow it that most people take it for granted and get furious when it isn’t there.

Or at least a jumping cooldown

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