Qol changes to the UI for picking up items & More stats affected by clothing

1. UI changes
In 3.x, you pick up an item by pressing F, and then to do anything else you’d need to start draging items around or go through menus to do anything else, which is very time consuming for no real reason.

I suggest that when hovering over an itemx holding F would open a circular context menu with different options for different types of items. The choices in the context menu would be the same as the ones available in the in-inventory menus in 3.x (Use/Strip/etc.), along with a few new ones: if it’s a weapon, you could directly replace the weapon already equipped in that slot, and if it’s an attachement, you could directly put it on your weapon.

By default, a quick tap of F would pick up the item just like in 3.x.

2. More clothing stats
Currently, the only stats that clothing give are more damage resistance and space, bur what if they’d affect your character more in different ways? It could make items more unique from each other and give you reasons to change to something that fits more your playstyle (not like you find cargo pants and you’re set). Here’s the ones I suggest: Rupture, Impact, Loudness and Swiftness.

Rupture- Rupture is a stat which affects how likely you are to start bleeding after an attack. The higher it is, the less likely you are: a Fireman shirt is much more likely to resist a zombie bite than a plain long sleeve shirt.

Impact- Impact is a stat that affects how much aimpunch you’d receive after getting hit. The bulkier the items you’re wearing, the less aimpunch you’ll receive; wearing heavy armor will remove much more shock felt than a kevlar vest.

Loudness- Loudness is a stat that affects hoow much sound is made by clothing when moving. The lower the stat, the better. Wearing some gym clothing is a lot more stealthy than wearing heavy armor with heavy boots.

Swiftness-Swiftness is a stat that affects how swiftly you can perform certain actions depending on the clothing type. The higher the better. For example, a Spec Ops plate carrier with Speed Mag Pouches make your character reload faster than when wearing a regular Army plate carrier with pouches with flaps. Another example would be holsters, it takes more time to take out a pistol from a leather holster than a holster molded for it.

This would help with the goal of removing a “meta”, as every clothing piece now has upsides and downsides that outweigh each other. (For example Sweatpants have a lower loudness value than Jeans but also have a lower rupture stat than them).


I really love the idea of rupture, impact, and loudness. Swiftness is okay but kinda weird for Unturned given a lot of actions are done instantly, although I can expect things will change for 4.0.

The context menu you mentioned would be nice, if it was robust and well-executed like the one found in Rust.

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I just thought of the clothing stats that The Long Dark has when reading this. Really good ideas.:upside_down_face:

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