Quality degradation rework


This post was originally going to be about food being spoiled, but then I realized it could be used for something else as well.

Currently how quality on items work is like this: Weapons and attachments get damaged by using them. This affects damage or even if the attachment works.
Clothing gets damaged when you get hit while wearing clothing. This affects how much damage it absorbs.
Food doesn’t degrade in any way whatsoever, outside of easy mode (like anyone plays normal). Food spawns on a random quality dictated by a .dat file, this affects by how much the stats get refilled.

Currently, this system is what I would consider not survivalish, there is not much maintenance needed and you can just hoard food for however long you’d like, walk in the same clothes without them getting progressively torn apart and constantly proning and crouching with your weapon to offset your hitbox as much as possible.

So why not create more reasons why an item can degrade? May it be from just time or hiking from one place to another.

I also want to suggest a states system. Where you would have X amount of states. These states would have their own stats, model, name prefix (example: Fresh Bread > Bread > Stale Bread > Spoiled Bread) that would be triggered depending on the quality.

To be fair though, this game is becoming more of a PVPVE sandbox where combat is truly the most fun, so I have no idea how necessary this feature is due to the game being heavily PVP oriented, but I feel like there needs to be more maintance mechanics needed on items.


I think changes in this direction would also accidently buff cooking, and the cooking skill REALLY needs to be buffed

I think it would be nice to have some food be perishable and non-perishable, or a rate at witch it spoils that is defined in the .dat file, it would make some foods more valuable to keep around while others would need to be eaten fast. and could also mix up the meta on what crops people grow (we all know Lettuce spoils fast IRL and is overly grown in game)

however, I am worried this could nerf fishing, a skill basically no one uses on vanilla maps, maybe buff the vanilla fishing loot as well and combo it with cooking buff? (while still maintaining that grocery stores are king of the food loot as they would have most of the cooking ingredients and non-perishables)

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Agreed. A change to the way durability affects guns would be welcome too. If I remember correctly, the damage penalty from durability is hardcoded. Making this optional with a .dat line and having some other penalties to choose from would be nice. A state system would be very applicable not only for food, but weapons and armor. Different damage models could be implemented with such a system.

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@DerEnte I think survival needs an overhaul in general. Not just degradation.

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That’s what I am sayin’!


True, but I feel like degradation is one of the more important mechanics in a survival game.


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