Question about modding

I have an question is it possible to make a door and keycard mod I want the keycard to be an item equip-able l want that when u hold the keycard and in small range look at door it opens

Yes, that is possible. Seen it done before.

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i’ve not seen the looking at the door part, but I have seem a mod with swiping a keycard. How that was accomplished was to make a keycard a melee object, and give it a unique blade ID, which would destroy a destructible object. The destructible effect would be the door opening.

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who this, I did this

Well is there any mods that I can take example of how it works since I’m new to coding I’m not the best

unlikely anything that’s public

There should be no blade ID setting for object at present, right?
Moreover, if you rely on attacks, you will not be able to use them normally in the safe area.

there is actually, caps out at 255

I looked for it, and I don’t know when I updated “Interactivity_Blade_ID”. I always thought that the object in the game didn’t support the blade function.

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