Question about spawning workshop item

i’m new for this game,can any one tell me how to make the server i just created to play with friend spawn item from mod i downloaded and installed.i do can spawn workshop item by using command but i don’t like to get item by not finding it.thank you for reading or answering my question.(sorry for my poor english,i can’t speak english well)

i forgot to mention. me and my friend are playing the PEI map

Probably its a problem of the mod for not spawning.
Also… Whats your language? Maybe i speak it too! :smiley:

the mod doesn’t spawn naturally,it don’t have a spawn table or something like that .can i make it myself?

also,i speak Chinese.

If the mod is yours then maybe u can do it. But if it is not yours then u would need to contact the creator :frowning:

Oh, then no, we dont speak the same language XD

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understand.i think i will just use other mod,i’m too lazy to do those contact stuff .thanks.

Creating spawntables doesn’t actually require having the mod’s items. Spawntables are entirely separate files that merely reference the spawn IDs and parent/child spawn tables.

Anyone could create a spawn table “patch” that makes their favorite mod spawn at various locations, or makes their favorite mod compatible with their custom map.


Oh sorry, I had no idea really. I don’t know much about those technical aspects, I only know about dedicated servers.

Oh and happy birthday MoltonMontro!


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