Question about the Horde Mode

Nelson recently released Dev blog 4.x #8 and I’m having problems understanding on what Horde Mode is. I have an idea on what it is but I’ve never heard of Horde Mode before, but it also might just be a different name for something else.

I appreciate people taking their time to explain :grin:

Horde mode is a scrapped gamemode from 3.x which involved surviving endless waves of zombies. Survivors would purchase weapons from buy zones with points gained from killing zombies. It was scrapped early in development and is unfinished, but still playable with workshop maps.

Think CoD zombies.

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Thanks, appreciate it!


Horde Mode! This is asked for super frequently, and will help with testing so many things + give more to do in beta that I think it’s worth throwing together a basic horde survival mode for the initial beta launch

You’re in luck BB

I swear to God I was JUST reading that very sentence before I clicked here xD

Omg same here lol

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