Question about the new wiki?

Will there ever be articles made for the curated maps or will there be only be ones for the official maps?


Good question. The short, simple answer is that curated maps will eventually be within the scope of content covered by the official wiki. A longer answer can be found on the Welcome to the SDG Wiki” blogpost.

At this time, the SDG Wiki has a narrowly-defined scope. “Scope” represents what readers can expect to find on the wiki and its articles. First and foremost, the SDG Wiki is committed to providing detailed articles regarding official content for the PC versions of Unturned and Unturned II. This means curated content, and console content, are currently considered out of scope.

A lot of consideration went into deciding what we should consider to be included in the wiki’s initial scope. Ultimately, curated projects tend to have a large amount of new content, and some of these projects may even include change to existing official content—thus causing contradictory or conflicting information, which requires much more consideration as to how it should be best handled.

A brief on-wiki project page explains the scope of the site in slightly more detail.