Question about Unturned?


Is Unturned 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 even going to surface on mobile or console I just want to know because I once suggested but now I think it very very crazy idea I had to question it???


No, they won’t.


Doubt it. People are still getting bad performance on relatively powerful hardware, so phone’s and console won’t be able to handle it. Not to mention controls will be a living hell for mobile users and Nelson to set them up.


Highly, highly unlikely. There’s a lot of work that goes into console ports, and honestly Nelson would probably end up losing money.


What is this, Minecraft?



Not only because that it would mean your mobile must run an entire spaghetti coding and instantly turned into samsung phone near meltdown.

But the controls would take up about… 40-60% of your screen. Which is pretty painful to play with.


Unturned controls use the entire keyboard, literally. If not all but a few keys.
And transferring the controls over to mobile will be an ass to play and to make


All the comments here are true i just want a question on my mind to answer but yea true one it take a handful months not day months to do all the key bind and other stuff unless nelson did this for example if use the Shoot+Hold Jump(Hold the jump button btw)=F for interact than it would be OK but in this mindset where all bind are like this for a mobile(Hold Jump + Shoot)to interact or some other bind like that can be created i mean with amount of controls and binds i mean you might need a whole manual and also android.Android are cool but an iPhone is somewhat different because an iPhone can literally play fortnite and an android can’t so that a problem.

Btw when i said (Shoot + Jump = F i realize that we just add the button somewhere that says f and the realization came to me and i was like (Face Palm) or this actally (a Link i had to take down due to advertising rules)but lucky this an example lucky but this will never happen in any case so therefore nothing i can now all i can say is thank and yea.


Fortnite is coming to Android.

I’m not sure how this is relevant to the discussion though.


Yes it kinda relevant unturned would to try to make the work for android but in order to do that they could take some good model unless the model could rise the fps that what fortnite would do am just saying.


So, If I managed to understand this correctly, you mean that if fortnite can run on a tincan of a phone any game can?

Fortnite has had a major rebuilding of a lot of assets to be optimised on a phone. I can’t manage to pull the blogpost, but from the 5 different tree models used for culling on pc, on phone’s they only used 2 of them, a not-so-detailed model and a picture of a tree. And ovbiously, they did this for every model in the game. There’s a lot of them!

If nelson was to do that (changing how the culling worked on everything, plus creating a 2d image or a cube for some specific things that don’t have them yet like vehicles) for unturned, either 3 or 4, it would take him so damn long that the game would not have content because he was working on the port.


Someone made a copy of unturned on mobile. Simply horrible.


If he was able to strink 3.0 to the point where this bootleg game is not being laggy in moblie phones. Then he is already 1 step ahead.

But if not then… what a surprise.

I swear I have to stop saying sarcasm. It’s not even funny.


Here is the blogpost.


Google play store: Unturned?

No, it’s the same thing as running gta 5 on a toaster.


No, I’ts worse xD

I’ve tried 3 or 4 of them ._. A traumatic experience to say the least